1. Has Mattel ever considered a special Halloween variant of Scare Glow with perhaps orange glow in the dark colors? He seems like he could be the unofficial Halloween MOTU mascot and this might be a fun way to refresh the character.

Certainly a neat suggestion. A lot of times things like this come to sku count. We only have a set amount of new skus we can develop each year (based on overall sales) and if we did a redeco of an older character it would take precious resources away from new figure development. Not off the table but nothing we a rushing to do.

2. We know you can’t give us any definite answers on release dates, prices, etc, but it’s been a while since you said you were looking into the Mini-Masters line. Any word on if that line will be released? We really want them!

It is something we continue to explore but the earliest would be 2013 at this point.

3. Why is the recent Retro-Action Slimer so small? He seems like a really cool figure, but his scale seems more fitting for the old Kenner 5 inch line than the 8 inch Retro Action line. Was this intentional to make him so small?

This was the scale our licensor partners supplied in the style guide for Slimer.

4. Obviously you can’t comment on if a future legend figure is coming out for sure, but we’re curious about one man’s possibility. This man competed in WWE for decades on and off, competed in WCW and is a hero to the Jewish community… No not Goldberg, BARRY HORIWITZ! Seriously, would a jobber like Horiwitz who is arguably more recognizable than someone like Akeem, be a possible candidate for a Legends figure, ever? Or is it just a pat yourself on the back pipe dream?

Yeah, he’s probably one of the less likely guys in the foreseeable future but anything’s possible down the line.

Someday Barry… Someday.

5. Mattel has done a lot of “spring” style rings with various themes for the WWE. Any chance that we could see classic PPV themed rings down the line? Like say a WCW Halloween Havoc or Starrcade ring?

At this point we’re only focusing on rings from the current entertainment since we’ve seen that outdated rings (like the ECW ring we had out after the show had changed to NXT) tend not to sell very well. But we’re only in year 2 of our license so (like we said above) anything’s possible down the line.

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