1. Now that it’s been confirmed that Swamp Thing is officially “on the table” thanks to his Brightest Day appearance, how long would it take us to actually see him? We know you can’t give an official date or wave, but perhaps a basic time frame? Like, have the Horsemen already sculpted him and were you guys just waiting for the okay, or does he go to the back of the queue, as it were?

DC was kind enough to share plans for Swampy’s return a little while back. It usually takes about 12-14 months to go from concept to shelf. So it just takes finding the right time and place to release him!

2. Dials. It’s the new hot button MOTUC issue. According to polls on He-Man.org, the dials are overwhelmingly disliked, with right at 50% of the vote firmly against them compared to less than 30% who approve of them. The results on MattyCollector forums are even higher, with 63% or so against them. The general consensus seems to be that if the dial were somehow woven into the design as a necessary element, fans would enjoy them, but just to tack them on when they clearly weren’t intended as part of the original figure design just to be “fun”, seems to put most fans off. Originally it seemed that the stance from Mattel was “they’re here to stay” but now that more polling has been done and the results seem so heavily in favor against this concept, will it be something that Mattel will re-evaluate for future releases?

This is a feature we leave to the Horsemen and they tend to both like the dials, so for now they are here.

3. Has any thought be given to a potential release of “Polar Armor Optikk” AKA the fan suggested repaint of Optikk in silver colors with red and blue eyes?

We’ve looked at this, but right now we just don’t have a slot in the line for something like this. If anything, a repaint of a non A list character like Optikk would most likely be in a MOTU vs DCU 2 pack as we save our quarterly A list variant slot for more known characters like Skeletor, He-Man and Teela variants.

4. Will there eventually be re-releases of the basic Ghostbusters or potentially another multipack option down the road for fans to get these core versions of the character, but may have missed them the first time around?

Yes. All four original busters will go back on sale soon.

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