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1. Now that Masters of the Universe has an iPad/iPhone game, a DC comic book and a movie in pre-production, is the brand considered more viable and as such is MOTUC “greater supported” within Mattel?

MOTU has always been a very important brand to Mattel and we hope the future will only bring more opportunities and more ways for fans of all ages to experience the adventures of He-Man!

Editor’s Note: Why do I get the feeling that this really means we’re going to tout how strong the property is and then tell you the line is in dire straits and beg you to save it come SDCC?

2. The new Target Justice League line looks quite interesting. We’re glad to see that the BATB designs are being repurposed in a positive way. Is this a line that will continue beyond this first wave or is it a one shot deal? Basically, is this a new Target exclusive evergreen line?

You’ll have to wait and see. For now though, check out the figures that just hit shelves recently – they look AWESOME!

Editor’s Note: I realize they can’t reveal future lineups or anything, but I mean, can you throw me a bone here? Is it that hard to say “yes, ideally we’d like to do more characters in this style” or “No, this is a one time exclusive”? I mean, the hell. People might be MORE likely to collect it if they bothered telling us anything about the line.

3. Target seems to love Justice League. They supported JLU for years when other retailers wouldn’t. They have the new JLU packs. Do they come to you guys wanting new Justice League stuff or do they just happen to bite when you pitch it?

The current offering is part of a Justice League program at Target. So if you are looking for your favorite super heroes, be sure to check out the singles, fig/vehicles, and 7-pack at your local Target or on the Target web site.

4. Is there anything interesting being done to Geldor to help make him stand out as the fan’s selection figure?

He will have a burst on package noting this!

Editor’s Note: WELL BLOW ME DOWN!

5. Is MattyCollector more or less done with Back to the Future?

At this time we do not have plans for additional BTTF item be it figures or props. But we do love the brand and the films!

Editor’s Note: At least they made fantastic use of the license… Right?

If you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel (I sent in a few this round from folk’s submissions to be answered next time around), email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I need some good questions folks.

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  • Agent 86 says:

    Question for Mattel:

    The Dark Knight Returns Batman from the Batman Unlimited series is a fantastic figure. It appeals to both DC Unlimited collectors and MOTUC collectors. Will Mattel make more DC characters with a similar size, style and design as TDKR Batman, including TDKR Superman and possibly even characters like Wonder Woman?

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