FINALLY, the Matty has come BACK with another Q&A.

1. Most fans knew nothing about Vykron prior to his announcement. Obviously some of this stuff has come out in some of the recent books and projects about MOTU, but are there still “unknown” secret characters in MOTU that could find their way into the MOTUC line?

You never know what the future will bring!

Editor’s Note: I bet more vague answers are in the future!

2. Vykron looks at though he’s going to be a figure that a good portion of fans will want three of. Is Mattel planning to up their number of SDCC exclusives so that there will be ample supply of him? Obviously you can’t tell us specific numbers, but is the fact that this guy is someone collectors may want doubles of being factored in at all?

We will be doing slightly more Vyrkon’s compared to previous SDCC items but fewer compared to subscription monthly figures.

Editor’s Note: Awesome, I’m probably a one Vykron guy, but I know this could be good news for a lot of folks.

3. The skin tone for the recent Thunder Punch He-Man seems drastically different than some of the previous incarnations of the figure. Was there a change in the chemicals used in his plastic, or was there a specific reason for the different skin tone?

This was a deliberate change by the Horsemen and design to make him different from previous releases.

4. Has Mattel considered running some sort of promotion with certain collector websites to create an exclusive color way of a figure? Say gets a red faced Skeletor and another site gets a orange faced Skeletor, etc. Similar to the way the Four Horsemen did special versions of their ‘7th Kingdom’ figures. With the website buying a certain quantity of the figure and then being responsible for selling it themselves.

No. MOTUC will remain exclusive to

5. Obviously you can’t make Owen Hart, so High Energy is out… Likewise, the New Foundation is out as well. Any chance we could ever get Koko B. Ware and Jim Neither in their wacky 90’s MC Hammer pants attires either as singles or a crazy tag team pack?

We can’t comment on unreleased figures but it’s possible those guys could turn up in our line someday. Probably not as a 2-pack though.

Editor’s Note: Yeah, I asked about the MC Hammer pants… And I’d do it again! If Koko and Neidhart would have combined powers in the 90’s, they would have been the greatest tag team to ever live. New Foundation meets High Energy. I dub them, the High Foundation!

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