Ask Matty Summer Edition

1. What would Mattel say is the greatest strength of the Masters of the Universe Classics line to date?

The power of our fans!

Editor’s Note: I guess that’s what I get for throwing a softball. To be fair, I guess it IS an accurate answer.

2. Has Mattel shopped around the idea of other MOTUC exclusives to retailers? Obviously the TRU experiment was met with limited success, but since that time has Mattel pitched any new concepts like this to other retailers?

At this time MOTU will remain exclusive to We do not have plans for retail product.

3. Will Aquaman get a singles release in the new Target line? It seems like right now he’s only available in the multi-pack. It seems like he should be available as a single with his trident.

He will not be a part of the 2013 singles assortment. So if you love Aquaman, the multi-pack is the place to get him.

Editor’s Note: NOOOOOO! He’s the only one I really want. I guess I have to wait for that pack to go on clearance.

4. There already seems to be a lot of Superman variants hitting the shelves. What exactly is the strategy behind putting out so many different Superman figures in wacky alternate costumes?

The Man of Steel line celebrates the film and Superman. The various costumes will allow boys and collectors to play out a variety of Superman stories.

Editor’s Note: I just wish they tried a bit harder on these variants. Is it that hard to come up with a really compelling reason for a new Superman suit?

5. Will the old WWE Hardcore title see release anywhere aside from the upcoming Kane exclusive?

Not at this time.

If you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel (I sent in a few this round from folk’s submissions to be answered next time around), email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I need some good questions folks.

6 Responses to Mattel Q&A: May 15, 2013

  • I guess they don’t want my nieces to “play out a variety of Superman stories”…

    • Newton says:

      I assumed that was sort of a backhanded answer about how I shouldn’t be asking about children’s toys. But maybe that’s just the way I took it. I’m sure they would love to shill your niece some nice Barbies!

      You do bring up a good point, though. Especially with all these summer comic movie blockbusters, I have seen more and more girls picking up toys from those lines. Perhaps they could try to market to them a bit more. Then again, a lot of that fault lay with the movies themselves.

  • VoR says:

    Superman toys are for BOYS ONLY. – Mattel

  • clark says:

    -What do you think the best thing about the having mattycollector exclusive lines are?

    -They’re fun!!!!

  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    Q: What do you think Mattel’s greatest weakness is?

    A: Our products are too good!

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