1. In the WWE line, could it be possible to pack the real fabric clothing NOT on the figure but in the side trays? The reason is simple, every figure that has a bit of entrance gear be it a robe, gi or shirt has potential for stains on the figure when opened. The longer these outfits stay on the wrestler, the longer this irreversible damage is done. It would appear that the figures can have gear on for a brief time, but leaving them in package with it on for months seems to be the issue. This is especially prevalent on any figures with RED fabric entrance gear. This is an issue that many WWE fans are desperate to have addressed.

We hear you! We have noticed that as well and are now packing out the soft goods separately because of this issue. In addition, we are working to find solutions to the issue through different material dyes and accessory materials.

2. It’s taken Mattel quite some time to get to producing belts in the WWE line. Obviously Mattel wanted to make sure they got it just right. The great news for fans is that the belts seem to be of a high quality and are painted well… Unfortunately the belts are just too big. The belts look oversized on many of the Mattel figures. Is this something that is being corrected for later releases, or would Mattel consider rescaling future title belts about 20% smaller?

As with the figures, the belts will continue to be improved upon. Subsequent belts will be smaller in scale, and we are working to reduce the size of the existing belts as the line continues.

3. At the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, chief operating officer of Mattel Bryan Stockton said that price increases were likely across the board for Mattel products. Is this something that will effect the MattyCollector lines like MOTUC as well?

For the time being we will try to keep Mattycollector.com items prices the way they are. It is possible we may be required to raise prices in line with company policy but we will do what we can to hold firm to not price these items out of the market.

4. Many of the more complicated sculpt figures that could potentially need a new body or lots of parts in MOTUC, like say Two-Bad, haven’t been seen in the line thus far. Is this intentional because of the tooling of parts needed or is it just coincidental? Conversely is this something where maybe we could see one or two of these more heavily tool required figures released per year?

It is slightly deliberate in the sense we have a limited tooling budget for the full year and therefore spread out the fully tooled and highly tooled figures over the course of the line, across multiple years.

5. In the new DC Universe incarnations of the Action League, we’ve seen the emergence of some accessories like the Kryptonite rock for Bizarro. In the WWE’s similar Rumbler line we’re seeing a variety of playsets and accessories. Is the DC Action League in line for more accessories and possibly playsets? Hall of Justice, hint, hint.

Definitely something we would like to do. We’ll have to see how the singles do before moving on to anything larger. If sales are there this is something we’d love to explore.

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