I’m a couple days late on posting this, but I wasn’t around when the answers were sent to me. Thankfully it’s better late than never as we got some great answers this time around. All of these questions were submitted to us by you, so if you have more for another round feel free to respond or email them to me!

1. 2013 started off as a relatively cheap year for MOTUC fans, with the sub decreasing in it’s overall figure number. However shortly after Castel Grayskull was added and now the Filmation sub. Is overloading the fan’s wallets a concern for Mattel? It seems like this would likely account for some dropoff with subscriptions.

We are conscious of this, but also keep in mind that the Castle is a one time thing. We don’t expect to repeat it every year. Without the Castle, 2012 and 2013 are about the same with the Filmation series taking the spot of the 30th anniversary skus.

2. Back in June 2012, the retail team on Matty’s boards alluded to a possible exclusive Batman:Brave and the Bold pack for Target, around March of this year. Is there any information about this BATB pack and is it still a go? Will is use the new non-hex hole buck that leaked on Ebay? Nothing was mentioned at Toy Fair.

There is a Justice League line that is exclusive to Target, featuring an assortment of singles, figure/vehicles, as well as a 7-pack. This line features Justice League characters, including some of our favorites: Lex Luthor, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. These items are starting to hit shelves, so be on the lookout for them in stores!

3. What’s the basis for selecting who goes into the Club Infinite Earths subscription? Does DC mandate the characters or is it something Mattel and the 4H decide? Maybe based off fan interest, even?

We work closely with our partners at DC and Warner Bros as well as work with all the members of the Mattel team including design, engineering and marketing on the final roll in. And we do extensively look at fan lists online which is why you see figures like Wally West, Elongated Man and Huntress showing up.

4. Is there time to reshape the wings on the new Batman Beyond figure to more closely match what was depicted in the cartoons and comics?

The wings are final.

5. Ringside Collectibles has had pretty good success teaming with Mattel for one or two yearly fan demanded exclusives. Has Mattel considered offering 1-2 special catered WWE exclusives to the MattyCollector site? This seems like a good way to get in a fan demanded repaint of say, Sgt. Slaughter or Terry Funk without having to commit to doing a whole “line” as before. They could even be tied to an event, like a SummerSlam exclusive or a Wrestlemania exclusive, each year around the time of the event.

We haven’t but it’s something that we’ll continue to consider in the future and the idea of tying the release to a major WWE event is a great one. We were excited about launching our Legends line on in 2012 but the performance of the program didn’t meet our expectations. This year, we are going to make some collector favorite figures from our Elite Collection available on so there will be a WWE presence on Matty!

If you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel (I sent in a few this round from folk’s submissions to be answered next time around), email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I need some good questions folks.

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  • Mario says:

    That last question is gold, & I sure hope they consider the possibility long & hard.

  • Agent 86 says:

    I know the BATB line is aimed at children, not adult collectors, but they could really provide fans with a bit more information about the new Justice League line based on the BATB sculpts. Would it be so hard to state whether it is a “once off” or an evergreen line or whether it will be expanded to include more unique heroes and villains?

    For the next round of questions, I would like to submit the following:

    The “Dark Knight Returns Batman” which utilises some components of the male MOTUC sculpt is an awesome action figure. What do fans need to do to see a “Dark Knight Returns Superman” in a similar style and possibly even an expansion of the style to include Justice League members who didn’t appear in “Dark Knight Returns” like a Wonder Woman action figure that utilises components of the female MOTUC sculpt?

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