1. In the WWE Line, we’re seeing that three exclusive packs are coming this year based on WWE All-Stars the video game. If sales of these are good, will there be a second wave, or are subsequent waves already planned?

The All-Stars Two Packs are a one-time assortment to tie-in with the THQ video game so there aren’t any more planned beyond the three two-packs that have already hit shelves. However, we will look to continue making exclusive items to tie-in with future THQ WWE games where they make sense.

2. The recent WWE basic belts shown at Toy Fair were devoid of paint, but the plastic was a strange color. While it did have a gold tint, many fans expected that it would be a lot more gold in color since there were going to be no paint applications. Is that color final, or will it be a stronger gold hue when they hit production?

We are actually not sure of this one and will review and get back to you ASAP.

3. Has there been any thought into maybe having the next DCUC 5 Pack (Or larger multipack) include a variety of animals/smaller characters? It seems like this would be a good way to sneak in characters that people want, but also not have to tool any new full size characters as the regular figures could be re-releases or redecos. Superman could be packed with Krypto, etc.

We have indeed talked about ways to get out more sidekicks. While it may not be in a five-pack, we are looking into other executions.

4. Because of the issues with She-Ra fitting on her ride, in the future is this something that Mattel is going to try to avoid? Like, is it possible that vehicles/horse/cats can be tooled in advance (even if not released for a year or more) so that figures are certain to fit on their rides, as opposed to having to re-release the figure just so they can ride their animal?

Ideally, we would have loved if the original She-Ra fit perfectly. In the end it just wasn’t working to our expectations.

5. Across the board, people keep reporting instances of DCUC stocking issues. Some shelves still have Cyborgs on them, while others have found Powergirls at an alarming rate. Is there any plan to try and give DCUC a bit of a bigger launch with the Green Lantern movie or something to help push areas that aren’t getting new stock or any stock? It seems like DCUC is a very popular line but it never seems to get a full rollout of stock in many areas.

Yes, we are constantly working with our retail partners on distribution. In the end, this is an area Mattel has very little control and once product is delivered to our retailers it is up to them to get it to shelf.

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