Back with another Q&A.

1. I recently saw an awesome Batros custom, made of mostly MOTUC parts with just a little bit of sculpting. Do the guys at Mattel ever look at customs and then decide to add a character to the mix? Like, does seeing someone else do a character using your stock parts and do it well, get the folks at Mattel interested in seeing if they can create that character just as good (if not better) whereas before he hadn’t been considered much?

We do read online posts and blogs but as a policy do not accept unsolitied material. All submissions need to be sent offically to our inventory relations department to be considered for review.

Editor’s Note: They read online blogs and posts, but apparently not the Q&A questions I send them. Was my question really that difficult? How about saying “yes, we often notice a fan’s interpretation of a character and then realize we could follow a similar route…” Or just “No, that’s stupid” would have been better.

2. In the upcoming Granamyr figure, is the plan to make him fairly poseable or is he likely to be a big figure that’s more static like the SDCC Stay Puft? Are there any early plans to try and get Granamyr to a certain level of articulation?

His articulation level will be similar to Tytus.

3. We know that at least one more wave of DC Retro-Action was sculpted and prepared and was essentially ready for Mattel to go forward. Now that the line is seemingly dead, but has been selling on the MattyCollector site, is it possible that this last series of figures could be released as exclusives down the line? Perhaps in conjunction with a new Batman movie or something?

We don’t have plans right now and since there were no additional figures tool’d (molds built) it is more difficult to move forward with in-progress figures vs. for JLU the unreleased figures were already complete. Any RA figures in progress were in very early stages and not at all ready to release.

4. In his recent Toy Fair interview, Bill Kerner mentioned that Mattel was looking into making a bigger ring for the WWE line. Many fans felt the Elite ring was just too big, while the basic rings seem too small. Has Mattel taken a look at the old Jakks “Hardcore” ring which had a lot of the features of an Elite style ring (ring skirts, removable turnbuckles), but was smaller scaled? It seems as though a ring like this, but perhaps a few more inches in width, would be ideal.

Yes, we are looking at this and other fan requests to get a ring just perfect.

5. The recent WWE Build-A-Figure concept seems a hit with most fans and through the years BAF has always been a great way to get fans to complete a series. With the WWE BAF it seems as though this is a good way to get characters that may not sell well on their own out. HOWEVER, the first BAF releases are retailing for $20.99 at Toys R Us. While regular Elite figures retail for about $16.99. Ultimately it works out that if you buy all the figures necessary to complete the BAF, you’re paying an additional $16, right around the price of what a regular Elite figure would be. Obviously Mattel can’t control Toys R Us’ pricing, but can you confirm that the BAF seres figures have a higher MSRP? And if they do, doesn’t this sort of render the “bonus” element of the BAF series useless?

In the end our retail partners set prices.

Editor’s Note: So Mattel doesn’t have a MSRP? REALLY? I guess it’s just easier to pass the buck than explain why a “bonus” figure ends up costing as much as he would if he was just released in regular avenues, but fans have to buy 3 repaints and 1 additional figure instead.

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