1. Given how notorious MOTUC fans are for being a feverish fanbase and how many MOTUC are completeists (you guys yourselves have basically tailored the market to where MOTUC fan’s CAN’T be cherry pickers) what in the world is the logic behind releasing a character like the Spirit of Hordak at a completely unannounced random time, leaving your fan base frustrated and unamused?

To help recreate the fun and excitement of the retail toy hunt online. We knew this program would not appeal to all of our fans, but for many it is being embraced as very innovative and thrilling.

Editor’s Note: Who are these people? Where are they? I must know, so I can punch them in the face!

2. After the Spirit of Hordak, will there be more random figure drops in the future? Should MOTUC fans just spend every chance they get on the MattyCollector site or what?

Our lips are sealed for now!

3. The Dark Knight Returns Batman from the Batman Unlimited series is a fantastic figure. It appeals to both DC Unlimited collectors and MOTUC collectors. Will Mattel make more DC characters with a similar size, style and design as TDKR Batman, including TDKR Superman and possibly even characters like Wonder Woman?

Those figures would be pretty cool! It sounds like you are a fan of TDKR!

Editor’s Note: Is it any wonder I struggle to get people to submit questions, when we get answers like this?

4. In celebration of the new Superman movie, will we see any comic or classic movie characters slip into the line to help flesh it out some? As an example, in the Superman Returns line there was a Metallo figure.

The Superman movie line is inspired by the Man of Steel film, so there will not be any nostalgic characters in the line up. However what you will see are awesome versions of the characters from the new film.

Editor’s Note: Finally a good answer. Unfortunately, not one I really like. I kind of like the designs of the new 3 3/4 Superman figures and I think Mattel could actually extend the line for a while. Add in a Luthor, a Metallo, etc. I really liked that when Marvel did that with their early movie figures and Mattel did that last time around with the Superman returns toys. Oh well.

5. Now that we’re seeing the DC Universe do battle with the MOTU universe, is there any chance for new figures based off of these battles in the comics?

Not at this time. We did a Superman vs. He-Man 2 pack at Toys R Us a few years ago, but don’t have future crossover packs planed right now.

Editor’s Note: You did a Superman versus He-Man set before? I had no idea, none at all.

As always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. I can’t promise that they’ll answer it or even try if they do, but sometimes we do get gems in there. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I’m not sending in this time, but I will for the very next round, so you got some time.

9 Responses to Mattel Q&A: June 3, 2013

  • clark says:

    “for many it is being embraced as very innovative and thrilling” meaning “many who already bought several and are making a killing on ebay, see it as very innovative and thrilling”

    “Should MOTUC fans just spend every chance they get on the MattyCollector site or what? ” Just say that you’re drumming up site traffic to show it off to some executive who knows nothing about toys.

    “It sounds like you are a fan of TDKR!” yeah, that and a fan of multiple figures from the same universe in the same scale.

    “The Superman movie line is inspired by the Man of Steel” and the ‘Superman Returns’ figures were inspired by that film. It doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit. However, I guess we’ll just get 50 different supermen and 20 different Zods instead.

    Newt, I try to come up with questions for Matty, but I get upset just imagining what they’re response will be and then I never submit them.

    • Newton says:


      I don’t get the Superman thing, but maybe they’ll end up expanding the line anyway.

    • Cloud says:

      Basically it’s a nice way for Mattel to say. “Nope, no new molds! Just repaints of Supermen and swap a few bodies of Zod and random villain in the same suit for you!”
      “Those figures would be pretty cool! I sound like a fan of MOS!”

  • Agent 86 says:

    YAY! They answered my question. With a complete non-answer. Yes, I am a fan of TDKR Batman which is WHY I asked about a TDKR Superman or further expansion of the line for other DC characters. I’m still hopeful for a TDKR Superman reveal at SDCC, but it surprises me that there isn’t more Superman merchandise at retail now with the movie to be released in a couple of weeks.
    And that also ties into the question about the 3.75″ Man of Steel line. It would be pretty ridiculous if Mattel simply continued to release variants of Superman, Zod and Namek. What would be wrong with adding Brainiac, Metallo, Parasite, Cyborg Superman, Lex Luthor, etc?

    The Spirit of Hordak “innovative and thrilling” answer is frustrating, but not surprising. What is more surprising is that the MOTUC 2013 Subscriptions apparently barely sold enough to justify the subscription, yet the “add ons” for 2013 have included the Filmation mini-sub, Castle Grayskull and now SOH. That’s a lot of money put towards a line that Mattel was purportedly close to pulling the plug on.

    • Newton says:

      Yeah I am not a fan of how MOTUC was “almost dead” to suddenly being milked dry. The line went from being a fairly cheap commitment this year, to suddenly being hundreds of dollars more to get them all.

  • John Harmon says:

    How could they do versions of Lex Luthor and Metallo for Man of Steel when there’s nothing to base them on? In the Superman Returns toy line, the Luthor figures were based on the character in the film. Metallo was based on his design from the Superman Returns video game. Likewise when Hasbro added in Vengeance and Scarecrow into the Ghost Rider movie line, those were based on video game designs as well. Same with throwing in Titanium Man into the Iron Man movie line. There’s nothing tying in with Man of Steel that expands the story and adds in new movie styled character designs.

    • Newton says:

      Base them of the decades worth of character designs that they have? I mean it doesn’t have to be based on the new movie media to tie into that style. Hasbro did a ton of comic series Iron Man figures to flesh out the early Iron Man lines. Seems simple enough to me. Even if they didn’t want to throw in Luthor (since he’s kind of a big deal) they could use a generic robot for Metallo, do Parasite, or dig out a few second string guys. Just to flesh out the line a bit. Just seems like it would give the line more legs beyond just a couple of waves of Supermen.

  • Ronnie says:

    Is there any chance we might get a DC Unlimited or Club Infinite Earths Mxyzptlk any time soon? It seems just wrong that the much less popular, much less notable Bat-Mite’s gotten two releases before Mxyzptlk can get even one. What gives?

  • clark says:

    There has been a lot of grumbling about how the Spirit of Hordak figure is being released. Isn’t the “thrill of the hunt” method that is being used counterintuitive to a line that is supported by a subscription service? Will subscribers eventually be given a chance to own the figure without having to check constantly?

    I’m just curious if they’ll answer this any differently.

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