The first of June brings us another round of answers from Matty! Most are actually pretty good this time around and one’s downright hilarious. Check em’ out!

1. At the NYTF Toy Guru mentioned that the Mini Masters were being worked on and that you guys were busy figuring out a way to get them out. What’s the latest news on the Mini Masters? Many of us were overjoyed to hear that they’re closer to becoming a reality.

At this time we are still looking for a home for these. Nothing is ready to announce yet.

Editor’s Note: MATTEL-FU!

2. Have you guys considered making a prop replica of the power sword? Much like the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future lines are getting prop replicas.

We have looked into this but Mattel has a strict no blades policy so we are working on finding the right way to do this. It would be cool.

3. For the Snake-Men army builder set, would it be possible in the future to perhaps do a “mystery variant” set? Meaning, I have seen it mentioned that a possible red/green set and even a rarer blue/purple set would be possible, but could you randomly pack these out, where you would get Snake-Man #1 and Snake-Man #2, but #1 might be green and #2 might be blue … or another set where #1 would be red, #2 would be black … (I’m sure some collectors would HATE this, but some would love the hunt)

Legally we can’t do chase figures online as that counts as an interstate lottery. But doing variants of this set would be a lot of fun!

Editor’s Note: They can’t do variants because that’s a lottery? Mattel has an ace legal team, I’ll give them that. They look at stuff from a lot of different angles.

4. Why is it that some wrestlers get multiple head scans (DH Smith had a new head scan for each figure) but other wrestlers are released several times over with the same scan?

There are a lot of factors that go into head selections. The most common reason for a new head is a change in hair style or beard. In some cases if there is an expression or likeness we are unhappy with we will change it. If we keep one head for a long time, it is probably because we like the way it looks, or a new head we had planned to add was dropped for one reason or another.

5. The WWE “leg sleeve” or longer knee pad mold is hated by fans. It’s also cumbersome to pose with and virtually no wrestler wears a knee pad that resembles it. Yet this knee pad is constantly used by Mattel. Feedback has been horrible for this pad. Yet you guys insist on using it over and over again. Why is this pad still being used? Why hasn’t it been replaced with a smaller large pad or just using the regular pads the people prefer?

This is where you really get to see how long it takes to develop a new action figure (particularly Elite). We started work on Brock the second he appeared on RAW on April 2, 2012, but by the time he gets developed, approved by WWE, manufactured and shipped it will be early 2013. This is the exact time frame we had for Sin Cara: he debuted after WrestleMania last year but didn’t get on shelf until early this year.

Editor’s Note: Uhh.. Wut?

Remember as always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel, email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked.

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