This time I teamed up with the Mego collectors over at the Mego Museum for a Retro-Action themed Q&A. The results are rather incredible. We have big news… But sad news for the fans of this line.

1. With the MOTUC Polly Pockets at SDCC, we’re seeing Masters of the Universe cross over into another brand for the first time, in a long time by Mattel. One concept that seems like a no-brainer, is to have MOTU cross over into the Retro-Action line. With very minimal tooling, Mattel could make a couple of cool Retro styled figures and cross pollinate fans of each brand as well. Did you know that the current Mattel Retro-Action bodies fit the MOTUC harnesses (see attached picture) and weapons? This means that only a handful of items could make new MOTUC Retro-Action figures! Have Mattel given this any thought? He-Man and Skeletor at least, are dying to emerge in this format!

This is certainly a cool idea, but to do Retro Action MOTU figs we would need a new bulkier buck. The current buck is too small for the muscular look of the MOTU brand even if it fits current MOTUC armor. It would take a 100% new figure. Therefore, this would not be a simple low tooling execution. It would take an all new body buck which is a lot more work.

2. Are the sales of Retro-Action figures robust enough to sustain at retail at present and will MattyCollector continue to offer exclusives?

Customer interest has not been high enough to keep the Retro Action line going either at retail or online past the 2011 offerings.

Editor’s Rant: Brutally honest. Also note to self… Never theme a Q&A again around a toy line that could be doomed.

3. Will Meijers carry the Retro-Action line in the future? If not, are there any plans to expand distribution to other walk-in stores or is online purchasing to remain the primary exchange for goods? We ask because the number one issue that fans seem to have is finding these figures at Toys R Us locations.

The Retro Action line is exclusive to Toys R Us for retail. It is also available at some online retailers and additional figures like the Green Lantern Retro Figures on

4. Thanks for listening and fixing the Retro-Action body, it’s a great deal improved over the original floppy design. With the success of past “nostalgia” lines like He-man and Ghostbusters, Big Jim makes more sense than ever. Even if it’s a figure available through and the monthly offering is suits in the retro Big Jim style packaging. I find it hard to believe that at the very least, the P.A.C.K. figures would not be a huge success. Jim, The Whip, Dr. Steel, Warpath, Torpedo Fist, and Zorak would be hard to pass up. Simply use the Retro-Action scale to produce new versions of these character. It already has the distinct look of the original body only shorter. In essence, any chance Mattel will ever use the Retro-Action line to bring back other lines such as Big Jim’s P.A.C.K. or even Pulsar? The 70’s fans would go nuts for these toys.

Big Jim would be very cool in this style, but as mentioned above, the overall collector interest in Retro Action has not been high enough to keep the line going or expand to other properties at this time.

5. What is the possibility of Retro-Action “Collect and Connect” BAF parts and accessories being offered for customizing or alter egos such as Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne? You could include a piece of clothing with each figure and would make fans more interested in completing the wave, so that you could change figures into their alter egos.

If collector interest had been high enough to continue the line in 2012 we certainly might have looked into this, but for now 2011 will be the final product for this line.

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