He’s back! As we draw closer to SDCC 2010, our Q&A with the Toy Guru of Mattel has reaped some more benefits. As always if you have specific questions you’d like answered, I’ll try to get them in, Remember this will be for the July 15th Q&A so try to avoid asking anything that would likely be known by then. Enjoy!

With several new lines planned like the Green Lantern and several new lines already debuting such as Retro-Action, what’s the line that Mattel’s crew over there is most excited about? Obviously there is so much great product coming out that there has to be something that’s really standing out from the pack.

Bill Benecke from design states: “The Retro Action line is what I’m looking forward to the most. It is so great to offer all the figures we never had as kids in this great vintage look!”

Scott Neitlich from marketing states: “MOTUC has been a dream project of mine and I am just so thrilled to see it blossom so well and be embraced by fans around the world. I never dreamed we’d get to Gygor and Optikk so soon. Wait until fans see what we have planned for 2011, so much great MOTU goodness is heading your way!”

Where does DCIH stand? Many fans have said they rarely see figures and it seems there hasn’t been much news outside of a couple of new figures and the SDCC exclusives. Should we expect more DC Infinite Heroes buzz after SDCC or at the show?

We’ll have some big news for our 3 ¾-inch figures to reveal at SDCC. Stay tuned!

Has Mattel given any thought to bringing Big Jim or Max Steel into the Retro Action line? Both were popular 12 inch lines, but could definitely be reimagined as 8 inch lines. Some fans have been waiting for the rare unproduced Iron Jaw villain for over 30 years and he’d make an ideal Retro Action figure.

We’ve thought about a lot of older Mattel lines that would be great Retro Action figures. Only time will tell, but we know there is fan demand out there! Major Matt Mason would also be very cool to tackle in this new form factor!

The Four Horsemen recently announced they would be making Outer Space Men based on the old Colorforms toy line. Mattel’s own Major Matt Mason was a very similar toy line and very popular is there any chance that a similar line could be produced from Matty?

As stated above MMM is a great line we love and are looking into ways of bringing it back for today’s audience and collector fans.

Any updates on the 12 inch Movie Masters Christopher Reeve Superman or subsequent 12 inch movie figures? Many people are excited by the prospects of 6 inch Christopher Reeve Superman figures as well. Anything you can tell us 80’s Superman movie fans?

We have reworked the body a bit to be more heroic and accurate to the film. We will have the improved figure to show off at SDCC. He will likely go on sale for holidays 2010 along with a re-issued Zod.

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