1. We’ve recently seen Mattel pay tribute to some of the Kenner created Super Powers characters like Golden Pharaoh in the DCUC line. We also saw the Four Horsemen’s original creation Night Lik enter into the DCUC line. Has Mattel given ever had discussions with DC about creating your own DC superhero, similar to the way Kenner did in the 80’s? It seems like with DC rebooting, now would be the optimal time to put your own creative stamp on the DC Universe.

DC will be incorporating Mattel created characters like Nite-Likk and the new design of S.T.R.I.P.E. into their comics, but no plans for an ongoing whole line at this time.

2. Are there any plans (without giving specifics if you can’t) to have any sort of retail exclusives to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MOTU? It seems like the 30th anniversary would give He-Man enough push that major retailers might be interested in some exclusives.

Right now all of the figures will be on Mattycollector.com, but you never know what the future will bring.

3. In the recent DCUC Green Lantern waves, we’ve seen smaller characters packed into a single card (Dex-Starr & B’dg) and it seems to have been a hit with fans. Is this an option for MOTUC? There are numerous smaller characters that could take a “single” slot. Wouldn’t this make sense?

This certainly is something we could do for MOTU. The issue is that a pack like this is a 100% tool’d sku and we are very limited on our tooling budget. It sometimes comes down to doing a pack like this or a new figure like Ram Man as they both take the same amount of tooling. Tough call sometimes!

4. It was mentioned in a recent Q&A that Mattel still had stock of the 12 inch Movie Masters Superman line. Any idea when those will go back up for sale and why were they removed from the website if stock remained? It seems to be doing a disservice to fans to remove items, when these items could be combined with others to help save costs on shipping. Why is it that some items (MOTUC stands) can remain on the website indefinitely, but others have a limited window of availability?

We should have some re-release announcement dates soon. Stay tuned.

5. Recently a bit of a Mighty Max campaign has started to get some interest in reviving the line in some fashion, as a result of an answer from a Q&A right here at Infinite Hollywood. One of the key phrases we often hear is that “if there is enough fan demand it is certainly something to look into”… But many fans are unsure how to get this across. Certainly if there’s a demand for something MOTUC related, the He-Man.org forums are a great place to bring attention to it… But let’s say fans wanted a M.U.S.C.L.E. or Mighty Max revival, what’s the best way to get Mattel’s attention?

Make A LOT of noise online. If we saw enough mainstream movement on a certain vintage property that would get the attention of management. But it needs to be a high level of consistent interest, not just a few scattered posts.

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