Another conversation with Scott Neitlich and Matty Mattel about the various brands of Mattel. As always, if you have questions you’d like answered, feel free to respond below. It’s a bit of a challenge to find out certain information because Mattel can only answer certain questions. Here’s the answers for this batch, including the answer to the question that the entire wrestling world has wanted to know…

Infinite Hollywood Reader Red Ricky Asks: In the past, you’ve mentioned that Mattel checks online forums to see which characters the fans want. And recently, I have noticed that fans lobbying for an animated JLU Robin figure (in its Dick Grayson Classic/Super Powers style) also make a point of mentioning that tooling for his Pixie boots could be reused on figures like rickster, Abra Kadabra, Deadman, the Spectre and Felix Faust. As a result I was wondering if the previous is true and that… whn requesting figures, fans can increase the probability of a suggestion being taken into consideration by pointing out multiple uses for a specific new sculpt/tool? Because if that is the case, I would like to point out that tooling for Gypsy’s bare feet could be reused on figures like Ten (Royal Flush Gang), Aquagirl (JLU from Batman Beyond), Fire (in Green Flame form), Katma Tui (Despero Spy Costume) and some of the Amazons.

Like the fans, our designers are also clued into re-use possibilities on shared parts. We do love to hear fan suggestions, and nine times out of ten when fans mention something on the boards, it’s usually come up internally within our brainstorm boards! We are professionals and fans at the same time around here! That isn’t to say that every so often we will see an idea online that we never thought of and think it’s brilliant on its own! Keep those suggestions coming!

Infinite Hollywood Reader Herd Asks: There have been some issues with the Mego-style Retro-Action figures. The torso tends to slump over, the leg bands are too tight in some instances and many fans have been replacing the bodies with other styles of bodies out there. Is Mattel looking into retooling the body any, such as fixing the legs, perhaps making a larger pelvis by Wave 3 or sooner?

We don’t have any plans to re-tool the body anytime soon but we will pass this suggestion on to the design team. At the end of the day, the Retro Figures are designed to work like vintage figures and that is half the fun!

Infinite Hollywood Reader Red Ricky Asks: Last month, Mattel posted (in the news section of its website, pictures of an upcoming JLU Singles wave. Fans immediately noticed that the figure entitled “Future JLU Superman with Starro Spore” contained a brand new Superman head sculpt and as a result, we were left wondering… Will that new Superman head sculpt be the new face of our “present day” Superman, going forward? Or is that particular head sculpt “reserved” for that particular “future” version of Superman?

We will not be using “future JLU Superman’s” head for the standard modern Superman, but we would potentially use it for other versions of Superman down the road…

The WWE has acquired several of it’s old rival promotions such as WCW and the AWA. This includes video archives and intellectual properties. If Mattel gets around to making Legends from these companies, like say AWA’s Verne Gagne, does Mattel have the rights to say the AWA World Title belt design and would that be the type of accessory that the design team would be interested in including?

Sorry, we can’t comment on this at this time. Licensing deals are usually not something we can share with the public until they are final.

And now the question that’s had wrestling fans up in arms for weeks and perhaps prematurely boycotting Mattel products…

This last one might be a little silly and no idea if you know anything about it, but it’s a hot topic in the WWE world right now and rumors are Mattel is involved… WWE recently fired Daniel Bryan rather unexpectedly after an angle was shown on WWE’s RAW. One theory that’s been published is that Mattel was upset with Bryan’s actions leading to the eventual release. Can you set the record straight? Did Mattel have any complaints about American Dragon Daniel Bryan or does Mattel generally not get involved with what’s going on internally in the WWE?

As WWE’s master toy licensee, Mattel is not involved in any decisions surrounding WWE’s Superstars or Divas.

There you have it folks, you can blame Matty Mattel for a lot of things, but he did not make Daniel Bryan get fired. Thanks as always to the Mattel crew for their answers. Remember to submit your questions for the next Q&A on August 15th (there is no Q&A on the August 1st due to SDCC) if you have any!

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