1. If (god forbid) the Voltron Force toy line doesn’t do good at retail, will this have any effect on the MattyCollector exclusive classic Voltron line? Or will the exclusive line live and die on it’s own accord?

You will just need to wait for SDCC to get the latest on our Voltron lines. Our lips are sealed until the Con.

Editor’s Note: Uh, what? I’ve been had by some classic Matty-Fu!

2. It’s been noted that going forward there will be fewer and fewer MOTUC re-releases. However, hypothetically, if a certain figure (say Clawful for example) were to become rare for whatever reason… Could they eventually be re-released down the road if fan demand was adequate?

It is always possible but at this point very unlikely. We still have a few older figures slotted for re-release production but going forward starting with the Sept. figure we will very rarely be doing a second run.

Editor’s Rant: Man they must be sitting on a ton of leftover MOTUC stock or the line is going retail. Something very strange about them just totally stopping re-releases altogether.

3. Obviously you guys probably can’t announce anything just yet, but with the 30th Anniversary of He-Man on the horizon, can you at least say if this is going to be a “big year” in terms of MOTU? Basically, are you guys planning to go all out to celebrate our favorite Eternian’s big anniversary in 2012?

Yes, it will by far be our biggest year yet.

4. The recent Mad Matty sale was planned for several days, but the actual on sale time was actually only a few minutes for some of the packs. There seemed to be a lot of interest in the sale, but very few people were actually able to take advantage of it. Did you guys anticipate lower sales or was there some other reason that the sale went so quickly?

There was just more interest than we expected. Simple as that!

5. At this year’s SDCC will we see the subscription bonus figures for MOTUC, Voltron and Ghostbusters?

Yes. All of the subs will have their sub only bonus items shown at the con.

Not the most informative Q&A this time around, but that’s to be expected given that they basically said they weren’t going to tip their hat with SDCC so close around the corner. I am a little upset they dodged the Voltron question, since they could have easily answered that without spilling any secrets, but such is the nature of the beast. I still think MOTUC is going retail this year in some capacity.

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