It’s the last Q&A before SDCC. Will we find out any secrets before then?!

1. There has been a lot of grumbling about how the Spirit of Hordak figure is being released. Isn’t the “thrill of the hunt” method that is being used counterintuitive to a line that is supported by a subscription service? Will subscribers eventually be given a chance to own the figure without having to check constantly?

Sub holders will have the chance to buy a SOH during two Early Access sales in 2013. One happened already, the next will be at the end of the year. However, note that being a sub holder does not guarantee you a SOH figure. Much like convention or holiday items, he is not part of the subscription.

2. Why was the arm articulation removed from the Mini Masters SDCC figures? When we first saw these guys previewed several years ago they had a much wider range due to a ball style joint at the shoulder.

To keep them at a $20.00 price. They still have articulation, we just could not give them ball joints.

3. Back at the early part of the turn of the century, Mattel recreated molds for the vintage He-Man figures for special editions. Have those molds been kept up and has Matty ever considered doing some sort of special “vintage style” figure releases?

Molds usually only last 2-6 years, so likely these are long gone.

4. We know you can’t announce specifics, but will there be any new subscriptions annnounced to be offered for MattyCollector at SDCC?

We will only have two subs to offer but there will be another big big surprise for fans to pre order during the sub sales!

5. Is there any chance we might get a DC Unlimited or Club Infinite Earths Mxyzptlk any time soon? It seems just wrong that the much less popular, much less notable Bat-Mite’s gotten two releases before Mxyzptlk can get even one. What gives?

Editor’s Note: I submitted this question, but didn’t get an answer. They didn’t “not answer” it, they just didn’t act as if I sent in the question. Not sure if it got lost in the emails or if someone else will accidentally get the answer. Just some sort of a clerical error I assume. I’ll try to ask again if this question is still relevant post-SDCC.

As always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked. I can’t promise that they’ll answer it or even try if they do, but sometimes we do get gems in there. No matter what your question, I will ask it of Mattel. I’m not sending in this time, but I will for the very next round, so you got some time.

6 Responses to Mattel Q&A: July 1, 2013

  • clark says:

    Do the number of MOTUC figures produced vary from sku to sku? If so, what determines if a particular character has more or less figures produced?

    Is there an attrition of subscribers that must be contended with as the year progresses?

  • Mark says:

    Will the Batman Beyond figure with the wings and new headsculpt still be released in the DC/Batman Unlimited line? I heard Damian got cancelled so I wondered if Mattel was still planning to release it.

  • Ronnie says:

    I am hoping this is good news for everyone”s favorite fifth-dimensional imp.

    • Black Arbor says:

      I think they didn’t answer ’cause they’re tired of questions concerning specific characters. Ol’ Mxy could very well be in the works, but you won’t hear about it ’til they’re ready.

  • Agent 86 says:

    Questions for the next Q&A.

    1. Will the D23 exclusive “Small Fry Buzz Lightyear” be available on after D23 in the same way that the D23 exclusive “Woody’s Roundup” Black and White Woody and Television set was avilable to purchase on If so, when will it be released for sale?

    For reference, this is the “Small Fry Buzz Lightyear”:

    2. Is the only way a “The Dark Knight Returns” Superman, which is compatible with the previously released TDKR Batman, may be made available to consumers is if TDKR Superman is included in the DCIE subscription?

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