Mattel finally answered a Q&A again! Not sure what happened the last two times, but it looks like we’re back on target. Some interesting answers this time around and see if you think there’s still some fiesty responses here, as I do.

1. What did Mattel take away from the recent Demo-Man shipping debacle? Obviously there was a lot of changes made as a result, but what would be the overall consensus on the line moving forward as a result of that?

We changed our policy to no longer sell sub figures until they full quota is in stock. And clearly we will work on communicating changes earlier and clearer. But we wouldn’t classify this 30 day shipping delay as a debacle or anything that dramatic. Delays do and will continue to happen. They should be expected from time to time. If anything we did a poor job communicating what was happening. But the delay is normal and will happen sometimes.

Editor’s Note: Mattel did not like my choice of word usage here. The emphasis on debacle is their style choice not mine. The dictionary defines debacle as a ” A total, often ludicrous failure”. I guess it wasn’t a total failure, they did eventually get Demo-man out… But I’d still say it was pretty close. I see it as the tipping point for a litany of ongoing issues with the site, but I guess they didn’t.

This marks the first time I recall Matty ever taking umbrage with word choice, though. Sounds like the Demo-Man debacle situation is a sensitive spot.

2. It was mentioned that although the Wind Raider sold out, it didn’t move quite fast enough to be an impressive sell through. Isn’t it possible that this slower sell through, was a result of other purchases fans were making at the time? In essense, can’t a sell out still be successful, even if it takes a few days (weeks even)? Everyone doesn’t get paid on the 15th of the month, ya know.

A few days to sell out would have been great if we had a normal quota. But our quota was EXTREMELY small. The fact that it took three days to sell out only a very small handful of units is why it was not a run-away success.

Editor’s Note: I really like the response here as it does help clear up some statements on the Wind Raider. I feel pretty confident that this confirms my belief that Mattel only sold the few Wind Raiders they had ready while they waited for the rest of their shipment, however they were scared by the fact that it took three days to move such a small amount. Of course, no consideration was taken for the untimely on-sale date and collector’s wallets. I guess you should always have money set aside for MattyCollector.

3. Stay Puft is turning yellow. Not just mine, but apparently everyone who has one. This doesn’t appear to be a “small quantity” like the Green Goddess, but the overwhelming majority of folks who purchased them are reporting the figure’s change in color. For some of us, we’ve only had this figure for a couple months as we purchsed during the October period to buy Stay Puft. Will Mattel be offering a similar refund program or replacement parts or something to compensate fans who paid a high end collectible price for something that has seriously degraded in value by no fault of the collectors.

We are looking into this with CPI but at this time are not offering refunds. We will continue to investigate however!

Editor’s Note: I for one am relieved that Scooby & the Gang are on the case. See, I can be punchy too!

4. It’s been mentioned that certain wrestlers might not get released as singles again in their proper popular redecos. Has Mattel considered doing a tag team style two pack or perhaps even a larger multipack, in lieu of doing another tag team and instead offer up a pack of characters repainted in fan demanded attires?

Yes we look at many options like this but nothing to confirm right now.

5. The 5 inch Batman Brave & The Bold line seems to be experiancing a rebirth of sorts. New members to the line include Bruce to Batman, Riddler and Grodd. Can we expect even more Batman characters to show up in this line that many thought was dead a year or more ago? Are things going quite well for this line still?

The line is doing very well, especially for kids whom it is aimed at.

Editor’s Note: This may just be a case of poor word choice, but I didn’t really think Matty needed to reemphasize that this line is “for kids” as if I didn’t know. I think he could have said the same thing but worded a bit differently and not seemed as punchy about it. After all, wouldn’t they be excited that perhaps collectors are showing an interest in this line as well? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, though.

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