It’s time to ask Matty again! This time some of our questions were submitted by you, readers of Infinite Hollywood and we got some great answers!

1. What was the reasoning behind the character selection for DCUC All Stars series 1? It almost seems to a contradiction of the aforementioned intent of this line which was to select mainstream characters for a broader appeal. Many fans were left scratching their heads once this oddball assortment of guys were released.

Our goal at retail is to offer recognizable characters — the first mix includes a Plastic Man, a Superboy, a Batman Beyond, and a Larfleeze. We are excited about offering this All-Star line up!

2. With the GB line struggling under the current model, has there be any thought about taking some of the fan suggestions, such as creating a few ghosts for single card release? It seems that perhaps folks would be more interested in picking up the GBs themselves if there were more ghosts.

Fan suggestions are always welcome. This is something that we’ll keep in mind for the future.

3. Now that Filmation rights are in play, did the character lineups get shuffled around much? Obviously one would assume that there is a push to slot in some Filmation characters now.

Yes. We reviewed the long term roll out to slot in 1-4 Filmation characters per year. While this does get more Filmation characters out there, it means other characters in the line up had to be pushed back. It is a give and take.

4. If you guys get around to making Evil Seed, would he be closer to Filmation style (PLEASE) or MYP style? Or would it be a situation where we would see some sort of mix, possibly with alternate heads?

From Toy Guru:

“For Evil Seed, if and when we get to him I personally think he would be a great candidate for two heads (and maybe a removable robe) in order to make both looks. But as we don’t have an Evil Seed character on the schedule yet, this is just my own speculation. These type of conversations simply have not taken place!”

5. In a perfect world we’d get a few more Von Erichs, but it’s obvious we likely won’t get all the clan. Is David Von Erich on a short list of potential Legends? We know you can’t spill the beans if he’s technically in any lineups, but we haven’t heard his name mentioned anywhere and it seems sort of odd to have Kevin and Kerry without David.

If we do another Von Erich besides Kevin and Kerry it would certainly most likely be David.

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