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1.Will 2013 be the year of a return to a 3 3/4 scale for DC? It seems like ages ago that Infinite Heroes went away, with the promise that perhaps something better was on the horizon.

We are still in the midst of 2012 reveals… you’ll have to wait and see what we have in store for 2013.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I can’t recall if I asked this question intentionally, or if I’m completely unaware what year it is. Either way, the answer probably would have been the same.

2. Rather than stringing them out into two quarterly variant slots, has Mattel given any thought to taking characters who are a bit of a tough sell on their own and packing them together in a 2-pack? Like intead of Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor being two releases, making them one?

This is something we have thought about and you may see it down the road. Nothing locked in right now.

3. You guys have mentioned that you have a pretty good roadmap of where things are and were in Eternia in the MOTU saga. We’ve been reading the bios and piecing it together, but do you think there will ever be a time when you can reveal the MOTU bible of sorts? Like either on the website or perhaps in some sort of special book. Just so we can all read the story without having to try to infer between the gaps and hunt down the obscure details.

Yes, we do hope one day we can get to something like this. And by the end of 2012, there should be enough info out there that the bios will start to fill out and the timeline will be much clearer. The mini comic will also help a ton in clearing up some time line questions!

4. We’ve seen more sales on MattyCollector this year than any year prior. To fans this has been a great thing, as they’ve been able to pick up missed figures or some extras at a great value. That said, should folks be concerned about these sales or is MattyCollector just now finally starting to have them because it took a few years to build up a back catalogue of leftover products?

These sales were in part our way of reducing inventory in prep for 2012. Starting in 2012 our production runs will also be much smaller and much closer to the sub number. There will be some day-of sales, but with a lower overall quota then you have seen before. While we will have some older product too, it won’t at all be like it was in 2011 and there may not be the same type of extensive sales in 2012 like you saw in 2011.

5. Some wrestlers have recently been deemed unmakable by Mattel for various different reasons. While this edict will likely remain the same on some guys, is there potential for someone who is a “no” now, to become eligible down the line? Originally we were told that there was only like one or two people that WWE didn’t want Mattel to make, but it seems that list has grown exponentially in the last year or so.

It’s true there are only a few Legends that WWE does not want us to make, but that’s not the only reason for someone to be ineligible. Some people already have exclusive action figure deals with other toy companies or simply aren’t interested in making a deal with us. People who are in the latter two categories can certainly become eligible in the future if the situation changes.

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