I missed a few of these, but we’re back to asking the probing questions that others are afraid to! Or something like that. We ask about Food Fighters. Yeah!

1. Now that we have Spikor, is there any chance for a MOTU hammer hand accessory in a future weapons pack? Spikor was seen with a hammer hand in the vintage Terror Claws Strike comic.

A cool idea but no plans right now.


2. If the MOTUC sub sales continue to be an issue going forward, does this mean we’ll see more “cost efficient” figures, such as fan requested repaints like red Beastman?

No. It means we will concentrate on the vintage figures and the most fan demanded POP and NA/Filmation characters.

3. With the MOTUC line having it’s difficulty, does this make something like the Mini Masters less of a possibility or more of one, given that the price on them would likely be less and more palpable to fan’s wallets! We still really want these guys! There’s a good demand for them and it’s an easy sell so long as they stick to vintage characters and such that fans are dying for in this format.

That is a toss up. Doing an all new line of mini figures might be a way to keep MOTU going if 6″: figures cost more to produce then fans will pay. Anything is possible.

Editor’s Note: I really want the Mini Masters, but I kinda hate the idea that they would replace the MOTUC line. People would turn against them if they end up being the “replacement” for MOTUC. When Sigma 6 replaced the 3 3/4 and 12 inch Joe, people hated it BECAUSE of that and never gave it a shot. I’d hate to see that happen to something as brilliant as the Mini Masters. Releasing them now would make more sense!

4. We’re starting to see more pre-order type things pop up on Mattycollector, such as the new DC figures and the BTTF hoverboard. Is this something we’ll continue to see expand?

Yes, likely we will go more towards a build to order model and offer fewer skus going forward now that 6″ figures cost more to produce then fans will pay.

5. We’re coming up on the 25th anniversary of the Mattel Food Fighters line in 2013. Any chance for something to commemorate this classic toy line? It seems like the kind of thing collectors would love to snatch up, especially considering the rise in vinyl toy collectability!

No plans to announce yet. Cool idea thought!

Editor’s Note: Notice… He said YET! Let the crazy rumors begin!

Remember as always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel, email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked.

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