1. The upcoming SDCC Batusi Batman has double jointed elbows. No doubt to improve his dance moves. Is this the only 66 Batman figure that is planned to have this added articulation?


2. How many more opportunities will fans have to get Strobo? He’s still missing in a lot of collections, even that of subscribers and die-hards who’ve been with the brand since day one!

He will be offered at a variety of traveling cons like Power Con and NYCC similar to the TOD Sorceress figure last year. Offering him early in March was above and beyond what we offered last year. We technically haven’t even gotten to one of the cons he will be at yet! So saying you are missing the Traveling Con figure when we have yet to get to a single Traveling Con show is a bit of a jump!

Editor’s Note: I hate the traveling con exclusive. Mattel doesn’t go to any Cons I go to. Not being able to get Strobo, a figure I actually wanted, is annoying. I thought I bought a subscription so I wouldn’t miss figures, but the traveling convention figures are just more annoyance.

3. If the Mini Masters do well at SDCC, will we potentially see more of them?

Potentially, but no plans right now.

4. Will we see more MOTUC Mini Comics in the 2013 subscription?

No, but we will have one in 2014 if the sub goes through.

5. You’ve announced a new 52 Shazam figure, but is there any chance of an actual Billy Batson in any of the lines?

No plans at this time but you never know.

As always, if you have questions you’d like submitted to Mattel email me or reply here with a question and I’ll try to get it asked.

8 Responses to Mattel Q&A: August 1, 2013

  • clark says:

    I like the defensive…no that’s not the right word…aggressive? attacking? accusing? (One of those may be right) answers to your strobo question.
    I guess you should have asked if there were going to be any more opportunities to get Strobo that did not involve purchasing a plane ticket.

    • Newton says:

      Thus far I’ve managed to get zero traveling con figures. Not for a lack of trying. Sure, I could get them for aftermarket prices, but as a loyal subscriber, you’d think I might even be a priority or something. But I guess not.

      • _RZ_ says:

        Honestly, the sub should be EVERYthing released in a year. The whole shebang. Con exclusives. Special figures. SDCC. Weapons packs, the whole thing. Otherwise it doesn’t really serve it’s purpose. People have been asking for two tiers (1- just the main line; 2- everything released in the year) for over three years now!

  • Agent 86 says:

    Questions for the next Q&A.

    1. Will the D23 exclusive “Small Fry Buzz Lightyear” be available on after D23 in the same way that the D23 exclusive “Woody’s Roundup” Black and White Woody and Television set was avilable to purchase on If so, when will it be released for sale?

    For reference, this is the “Small Fry Buzz Lightyear”:

    2. Is the only way a “The Dark Knight Returns” Superman, which is compatible with the previously released TDKR Batman, may be made available to customers is if TDKR Superman is included in the DCIE subscription?

  • Agent 86 says:

    Many thanks! I wasn’t sure if they would have been picked up from the comments in the last Q&A.

    Now I just have to sit back and wait for the usual: “Maybe”. “We don’t know”. Or “Maybe in a movie year” answers.

  • Question: why the heck do you have customer service stock for figures (say like STINKOR) and when subscription customers actually need to use that CSS for replacement, the customer gets told “There are none left to send out, we have no CSS left” and then just get refunded. Then, thinking “well better get that 2nd market since they’re out” You buy one at Wizard World Chicago for $50 as it is the ONLY one at the entire con, then 2 months later it shows up on MattyCollector to clear “remaining CSS”?
    Answer: Because Mattel hates everyone.
    This, of course, is all just theoretical…
    Sad thing is, with shipping, I really only over paid (THEORETICALLY) $15. Which is pathetic. Just got MonsterArts King Kong for the same amount, feel like a fool.
    Anyway, keep it up Newton, your Ask Matty is indeed the best one. Bro

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