It’s time for an all new Q&A!

1. With so many diverse toy lines out there, especially ones aimed at the collector’s market, what do you attribute MOTUC’s success to?

Passionate fans and a great bank of characters to choose from. In the end it is all the fans.

2. If you make a Gwildor figure, what’s the over/under on him coming with a bucket of chicken?

Oh, totally must do the bucket of chicken!

Editor’s Note: YES!

3. Will Mattel every pursue a Julie Winston figure? Just like the Filmation rights were once off the table, will that be something that you might eventually want?

Not while the 1987 movie rights are unavailable.

4. Does King Kong Bundy have a new fat body mold? He looked a bit skinny in the recent NYTF reveals.


5. What DC Universe character would Mattel most like to see get a movie so that you could spin it off into it’s own line? Is there someone you guys see as particularly marketable? The Flash? Captain Atom? The Question?

Superman… !!!

Editor’s Note: Hmm… Okay.

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