Matty stops back in to answer our questions for April 1st. He’s not got any tomfoolery in mind this year for April Fool’s Day. Instead he’s jumping right into the answers. But can he answer our lingering question from the 1970’s Godzilla’s Gang toy line? READ ON!

1. On the DCUC Superboy figure, I noticed that his earring isn’t present. That was a pretty common part of his attire, particularly for the time period the figure seems to be based on. It seems like an odd omission. Mistake, oversight or was there a particular reason?

It was a design choice made by the Horsemen.

2. We’ve started to see some army builders in the DCUC range. Is this something that will continue or have they not been as successful as core characters?

Yes, we would love to continue to offer some army building characters when they fit into the line.

3. In the WWE line, is a classic WCW Championship US Title belt something on the drawing board? This is one of the most highly sought after designs and yet, hasn’t appeared in figure form ever.

Sorry, but the WWE team was unavailable this week to answer questions.

4. Has Mattel ever considered doing an “Elseworlds” style crossover for DCUC and MOTUC? As an example, repainting He-Man as Batman? Like, what if Bruce Wayne lived on Eternia? It seems like a fun way to combine the brands for some fun one off figures.

A fun idea, but no, we have not considered this.

5. This one’s from the vault: In the late 1970’s Godzilla’s Gang line of figures, all of the featured monsters aside from Godzilla were actually Ultraman villains. The copyright on the back lists Tsuburaya (Ultraman’s parent company) as well as Toho. Did Mattel actually hold the Ultraman license at that time, or did they just license the particular Ultraman monsters? Any idea why Mattel would license Ultraman monsters instead of Godzilla monsters?

Toy Guru jumping in on this one:

“I’ll see if I can find anyone who was around at the time. I simply don’t have the answer as I was in preschool at the time!”

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