Time got the better of me this Q&A. Such is the problem with sending in these questions in advance. Shortly after I asked these questions, Hurricane Hordak was previewed, thus guaranteeing that my answer for question #1 would be about Hordak. Oh well… Got any questions you’d like asked of Mattel? Drop me an email or leave a comment below and we’ll ask it in the May 15th edition one month from now!

1. On He-Ro in the original MOTU line, he was supposed to feature vac-metallized armor. His MOTUC counterpart did not have the process done to him. Is there anyone in MOTUC that might see some vac-metallized weapons/accessories/decos? Have Mattel given any thought to vac-metallized items in the line at all? A vac-metal Roboto would be a great new take on a re-release!

Yes indeed. The upcoming Hurricane Hordak will have a vac metal chest plate!

2. Putting aside issues with his “gimmick”, would Mattel be open to doing a Laser Light Skeletor figure in the line? Thus far we haven’t seen many variations of characters, but this particular incarnation of Skeletor just screams potential. The 4 Horsemen could do untold amounts of good with this type of design.

Like all vintage releases, we would love to get to this one in time! But nothing to announce right now.

3. As a follow up to the Laser Light Skeletor question, have the designers at Mattel looked into some of the more offbeat variants of past figures (like say Laser Light Skeletor) for inspiration on new releases? Like, perhaps not releasing a figure that’s entirely beholden to an old design but creating a new variant that’s “inspired” by past incarnations?

We have talked about this, but for the most part we are sticking to the vintage designs as part of the Classics DNA.

4. Would a purple tinted re-release of the Shadow Beast be possible in MOTUC?

Always possible, but nothing is planned right now.

5. In the WWE line, the Classic WWF style ring was canceled. It seems as if larger scale items in this line have been put on the back burner. Will we see new Elite Scale Rings and accessories in the years ahead? What about accessory packs such as classic turnbuckles, aprons and ropes? This is an idea that really hasn’t been done since Jakks first started tinkering with accessories in the late 90’s and seems like a great way to perhaps get those alternate ring equipment out without forcing a high price point ring onto the market.

Unfortunately the Elite Scale ring did not perform well enough for us to consider another large scale ring in the near future. However we are looking at ways to include more accessories in the line in various ways over the next couple years.

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