I like so many fans of the Justice League toy line have not been able to find this elusive Batman Beyond 3 pack. I’ve been quite excited for it, but it never shipped to any of the Targets around me. I just recently reported how I found the NEXT set of figures, but not this one, which would indicate that the packs just aren’t shipping. Well Matty decided to clear up some rumors about why these packs are showing up elsewhere.

Christ I hate Mattel. I really do. Here’s an update from Matty…

Hey JLU fans,

I wanted to take a minute to answer a lot of fan questions about Target JLU packs showing up at discount stores.

In order to make sure Target had fresh case packs at the end of the year, some of the older case packs Target had not taken yet were released to discount stores (which includes the Mattel Toy Store open to the public at 333 Continental Blvd, 90245).

The good news for fans looking for the Cheetah and Batman Beyond packs is that some of these master cartons include these two packs. (they also included Fire and Ice, Question and Captain Atom packs, so you can see why Target would not prefer these.) If we sent them to Target, the Cheetah and Bat packs would be scooped up quick leaving the older packs on shelf to peg warm preventing any new case packs from making out – get it?

Like we’ve said, shipping toys to retail is not an exact science, but hopefully by releasing these case packs to discount stores it will at least get the product out there for fans to find!

And for those asking why we do not sell them on MattyCollector.com, again the answer is simple. We could clearly sell the Cheetah pack but their is not much market for the older packs which also come in this master carton and the best place to move complete master cartons is at discount stores.

Hope this helps and happy toy hunting!


Now you might think that this is actually a good thing. Mattel is trying to avoid peg warmers. But as a frickin’ JLU collector I can tell you how baffled I’ve been that I haven’t been able to find the Batman Beyond 3 pack. Why? Because now the truth comes out. Mattel didn’t ship this case pack to most Targets. Which is why we’re seeing that Target is skipping right over this case assortment.

Fair enough. Let’s just call that a mistake. But LOOK AT THE CASE PACKOUT! Why would Mattel bundle two new sets with THREE old sets that they admittedly said earlier this year that were clogging shelves. They claimed that due to some of their factories closing that they had to keep shipping this old JLU product. SO WHY WHEN YOU HAD NEW PRODUCT WOULD YOU BUNDLE IT WITH THE SAME OLD PRODUCT?!

Please, someone give my any sort of rational response to this. I’m dying to know why Mattel would intentionally bundle figures that have clogged the pegs for 12+ months with new figures and then decide that they won’t repack those new figures in new case packs, but just ship them to discount chains?

Mattel you are the stupid.

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