This Sunday starts the 2013 Toy Fair, which will no doubt be full of a ton of reveals that will have the world of toys talking for weeks and months to come. Back at San Diego Comic Con this year, we saw a very brief sneak peak at Mattel’s new 1960’s Batman figures. It’s a huge coup for Mattel and it’s part of what no doubt is going to be a huge influx of merchandise from the classic show thanks to licensing deals finally being worked out. I suspect a DVD set is on the horizon, which will be huge news.

Batman 66

But for toy collectors, the toys are arguably the biggest deal. Mattel has a love/hate relationship with fans, but I’d say most were happy that the house that Barbie built has the keys to this franchise. The figures we’ve seen thus far look pretty faithful to the source material. Of course with all those new molds and such, heaven help us on what the price point will be. I’m not sure if it’ll be better to be a MattyCollector exclusive, or having to go through the pegs at the local Walmart which will no doubt be clogged with Riddlers and Aunt Harriets. I’m kidding, Mattel won’t make a Harriet but if they do, I’ll send Toy Guru one of my world famous fruit cakes in the mail.

Anywho, the figures look good for the most part, but I mean good in a very subjective sense. I mean, they more or less look goofy. But we’re talking the 60’s Batman show, so of course it’s supposed to look goofy. If anything, Penguin looks a bit too fat, but again it’s hard to say much on these pictures. This line is for the most devoted and it’s great to see that Mattel seems to be pulling out all the stops. At least for now.

Photos from Entertainment Earth, stop by there and buy something from this link and help us stay in bidness. Now if we can just get a Jerry Lawler Super King and “Cease and Desist” Adam West Batman I’d be in hog heaven.

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  • Can’t wait for these! I hope down the road for a John Astin Riddler Variant.

  • Black Arbor says:

    I knew you’d be excited, ShadowContact, just based on your Gravatar! 🙂 I love the attention to detail though, and they even captured Adam West’s paunch and oddly feminine legs! The Burgess Merideth likeness is a little hit or miss, but it probably looks better from other angles, so you can see the big nose, and the Riddler looks great, but his hair looks a little under detailed. And they even remembered his ballet slippers! Though I think they were pink in some episodes.

  • Tester Fred says:

    These look groovy Newt. Are you going to be covering them with reviews and such?

  • This is offtopic but what is the best site to go to for ToyFair coverage?

    • Newton says:

      Honestly I’m not sure there is one. Toy Fair never seems to have great coverage anywhere. Lots of good coverage, but it’s hard to say who has the best. Normally it’s Michael Crawford for photos, but his stuff seemed pretty blurry this year. I’d probably say Action Figure Insider, oddly enough.

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