This artwork is by Animator over at, but I found it fitting. Why? Because Mattel has announced in this month’s issue of ToyFare that Webstor is next in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. I’ve seen the pictures of Webstor and he looks great. He combines a little of the 200X design with the classic MOTU design and you can display him either way.

He actually looks a lot like this drawing, which is why I decided to post this up as opposed to being hassled by ToyFare for posting up their exclusive pictures. Webstor will be the September figure. And I already can’t wait!

I had Webstor as a kid and while he wasn’t exactly like my favorite MOTU figure, he certainly had his own charm. The new one looks really incredible though and it’s a testament to how awesome some of these character designs were in the 1980’s. No word on what his real name is yet, but given Mattel’s wacky naming process I can only assume he’ll be named E-Man-nuel.

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