If you grew up in the 1980’s, chances are you collected Masters of the Universe figures. Even if you only had a couple, you were bound to have had a couple of knock-offs as well. Remco, Galloob and other toy manufactures made plenty of off brand He-Man figures. Sometimes they were subtle, sometimes they weren’t.

I had a ton of these guys, mostly because they were almost identical to He-Man figures (except the usually bad head sculpts) and they were considerably cheaper. In the mid to late 1990’s, many of these molds started showing up repurposed as wrestling figures. It’s led to some creative stuff, like Poe Ghostal’s Onan the Barbarian.

However, nothing seems cooler than what He-Mike did over at the Fantastic Forums. He took MOTUC figures and made them into Sparkle Toys old Defenders of the Planets figures.

It looks like he’s made Orion, Weaponsmaster and Canis Major. I love these customs. They’re of incredible quality. Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of companies started making decent quality MOTUC knock-offs? Man, that would rule.

All pictures credit to their original owners.

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  • Lt. Clutch says:

    That's the first I've heard of that line or maybe I've just forgotten them. Awesome idea! I wish that Lanard would update their venerable G.I. Joe knock-off line (The Corps!) with Hasbro's 25th Anniversary style and articulation.

  • Yeah that's just the first of many MOTU Knock offs.

    Though there were lots of variants, mostly unintended.

    I agree about Lanard. I liked a few of the newer Corps fgures, but I'd love to see them try some higher quality 25th style figures. They re-released some of the classic Corps a while back, makes me wonder if they think there is a market for it.

  • MM1 says:

    I have that Purple Guy! I've always wondered who he was and what series he came from. Wow, after 20 somewhat years I finall get an answer.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    These customs look awesome.I hope somebody makes a Blackstarr MOTUC style .

  • Mark says:

    I would be so on board for MOTUC Knock Offs.
    At least they would be n the shops and I could afford to collect the line.

  • Haha better late than never!

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