When it comes to Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Secret Wars figures, I’ve been a pretty big fan. Despite the fact that the early series didn’t have a great amount of character choices and the QC was all over the place, I’ve bought almost every pack of Secret Wars so far. Today I’m looking at the last of the latest packs and perhaps the best one yet.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack
Thor & Enchantress
4 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

So far I’ve enjoyed Wave 3 of the Secret Wars toys more than any other wave, but some figures have still failed. Reed Richards is one of the biggest duds in the line. I’m going into this pack mostly for Thor and I’m not even a big fan of his. I just need Thor to complete my Avengers. Before we get to the review, here’s a recap of my other MU Secret Wars reviews:

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Which brings us to today. We’re stepping right into the final pack of Wave 3. Thor and Enchantress. How do I feel about this pack?

By now you’re familiar with the package. Nothing has changed here.

There weren’t any rubber bands on mine. I also had less issues getting the figures out than the previous pack. The cape is detachable and that makes Thor a breeze to get out of the packaging.

We start with Thor. Here’s a guy who I have never had a great affinity for. Sure, he’s been occasionally portrayed as pretty cool and I liked the take on him in the Ultimates, but he’s sort of a blah character to me. Yet this figure immediately reminded me of the very first ToyBiz Thor figure, one that I loved as a kid.

Since you can take his cape off, you can have two versions of Thor, right out of the package. That’s great and although his cape doesn’t stay on super good, it works well enough. This is a classic look of Thor, something we haven’t seen in action figure form for quite some time.

Once you get the soft rubber cape on him, he looks even more regal and imposing, just as a God should. There’s some good shading on the cape. The helmet is painted all silver, which some people don’t care for, but I think it actually looks pretty good.

Thor appears to be an all new body and he’s pretty big. Because of that bigger size, we’re able to get even more detail in on him. I have no paint issues whatsoever on mine and I find that he’s one of the most visually stunning figures in the entire Marvel Universe line. He just looks so, pardon the cliche, “classic”. I have heard some people have had issues with wonky eyes, but in the several packs I encountered I didn’t notice too prevalent of a problem.

If my opinion of Thor is indifferent, I’ve been even less caring of Enchantress through the years. She’s just not a character that does much for me. I expected this figure would be tossed by the wayside, but instead I’m actually quite impressed. Perhaps it’s her feminine shape or her large bust line, but I actually think this figure looks quite sensuous. At least as much as a tiny plastic figure can.

Not only is her body sculpt excellent and shapely, but her head sculpt is superb. She has long curly hair and her little crown deal looks just perfect as well. Again, she looks so classic that I can’t help but really like her. The paint work is top notch and the little design on her leggings really makes her look fierce.

Then there’s Thor’s hammer. Mjolnir looks incredible here. The complete inscription is written on the hammer and you can actually read it. Very top notch work here from Hasbro.

Marvel Universe has been generally pretty good about articulation and these two are no exception to that.

Thor has a ball jointed neck, ball shoulders, upper arm swivel, hinge elbows, swivel wrist, torso ball, t-bar legs, double hinge knees and ball feet. As always the ball joints are pin/post style, sometimes called swivel hinge.

Enchantress follows the same method, though you get a lot less movement out of her head. That’s because of the hair sculpt. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere.

You don’t get as much in this package as we got in the Hawkeye pack, but what you do get is good. As always there’s the reprint of the SW comic, but also Thor has his aforementioned hammer as well as his cape.

The hammer was all important and because it’s so well done, it’s a real highlight. They could have cheapened out on the hammer, but they didn’t. They did it well and that’s a big plus for this pack.

Expect to pay $13-$14 for these at most retailers. Still not the greatest value, but this is another pack where you feel like you’re getting a bit more of your money’s worth. Thor shows a lot of the potential that this line could have.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Hammer, Cape, Comic
Value – 8
Overall – 9 out of 10

I’m ranking this Secret Wars comic pack higher than any other I’ve reviewed. Why? Well, I don’t care too much for Thor as a character and Enchantress does nothing for me, but both of these figures are awesome. Enchantress manages to be sexy and fierce at this small scale and Thor is one of the best representations of the character we’ve ever gotten. That’s enough for even a non-fan to realize this is a great pack.

There’s just no stopping the Marvel Universe line right now. This is one really well done set of toys. I am looking forward to getting the rest.

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