Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d be themed today and review a figure that’s like Cupid, Hawkeye. Okay that’s actually not true. A lot of people have been calling for me to review the new Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack, Hawkeye & Piledriver. Ever since my review of Ultron and Reed Richards, I’ve been getting requests. Since I’m a giver, that’s what I’m bringing you today.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack
Hawkeye & Piledriver
4 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

Ever since I was a kid, Hawkeye has been one of my favorite characters. I dig the bow and arrow as a weapon and purple is my favorite color. It’s a perfect match. As a kid I believed that Hawkeye was like Wolverine’s cousin or something. I Googled it, but couldn’t find any evidence to support that. Maybe it was just the similar masks. Piledriver on the other hand is a character that outside of some classic comics and mostly Secret Wars, I’ve totally forgotten about. Not to worry, most everyone else has too.

The Marvel Universe Secret Wars packaging does what it’s supposed to. It’s a decent look and you can open the package without damaging it if you’re careful. One thing of interest to me is that Piledriver is referred to as “Marvel’s Piledriver” so I can only assume that his name runs into some trademark issues. Hasbro is brilliant at getting around stuff like that and often does it with GI Joe.

Inside there is one sneaky clear rubber band around the loose arrow. Make sure to snip it with some scissors or it could become a real pain.

The other pretty strange thing is that Piledriver has one leg in the package and one leg out. Which makes him a but troublesome to remove. I have no idea what purpose it serves or why Hasbro would do that.

Let me just get this right out of the way. Both figures are quite nice in terms of sculpt and paint. However, Piledriver is fairly plain while Hawkeye is just incredible.

There are tons of little details all over Hawkeye including some sculpting on the inside of his wrist bands. There’s just lots to enjoy here. Even the biggest MU skeptics love this figure and it’s easy to see why. While Marvel Legends did do a pretty great job with Hawkeye, the figure was pretty hard to find and I think it suffered a bit from wonky proportions.

The small scale version though seems almost flawless to me. The sculpting is there on all the important areas and the paint is quite nice. The H on his mask and in various other places has a lighter, metallic purple paint on it that really brings out the small details. He has some dark wash over his blues to create shadow as well.

I haven’t found any real issues with paint either. Wave 1 of the Secret Wars packs were pretty shoddy, Wave 2 showed improvement, but Wave 3 seems pretty much perfect all around. Hawkeye is painted nice and I love so much about his sculpt. His arm bands are loose, so I assume you could remove then if you tried hard enough.

Piledriver is also very good. He’s using the larger basic body and it works well for him. The Wrecking Crew are all big super powered hulking guys and that’s definitely the case here. Although he’s not a ton bigger than everyone else, the scale and size seems appropriate for the character.

Say what you want about Marvel Universe but I think they’ve done a pretty bang up job in terms of scale and depth of character. I mean, this is a Piledriver figure. That’s pretty awesome. His face sculpt is quite good and there’s a heavy blue wash over the rest of him that makes him seem pretty comic bookish.

This is a set where you’re likely to be coming for Hawkeye, but Piledriver is a nice bonus. Hasbro had cheaped out with some repacks on a couple of the Secret Wars packs, so it’s nice to get a set where both figures are pretty strong.

This is also likely the only Piledriver we’ll see in this line, so it’s cool that he’s getting made. Secret Wars has been able to provide us with some fun B-listers with much needed A-listers. Hopefully Hasbro can keep producing these comic packs and continue that sort of interesting mix.

Both of these guys can get into a variety of poses, although I had a little issue with some warping on Hawkeye’s legs. They have most the same articulation as all Marvel Universe guys, with some improvements here or there.

The bicep swivel and double hinge knees are really some of the best parts of these figures allowing for some real personality when displaying them. I’ve heard people say these are fragile, but I really haven’t experienced that. I think kids would be able to play with these just fine.

I found myself having a lot of fun posing Hawkeye, while there was obviously less I could do with Piledriver.

Surprisingly this comic pack includes accessories other than the reprint of Secret Wars issue #9. Hawkeye comes with three accessories. First his bow, which is string less but works well in my view. Mattel sculpts all their bows with an arrow stuck in place. Hasbro sculpts an empty bow, which means you could string it yourself if you wanted.

He also includes his quiver and a single arrow. He can hold the arrow and you can place it in a variety of ways including making it look like he’s drawing it back. The quiver looks fine over his shoulder, but you can also pop off his head and stick it on that way (as I have) depending on your preference.

My opinion on Marvel Universe, even the comic packs, has generally been that they are a little overpriced. This comic pack, with two nice figures, several accessories and the comic reprint finally feels like I’m getting a decent value. So while the line is generally a little overpriced, this pack is definitely worth it.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – SW #9 Reprint, Bow, Quiver, Arrow
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve always been a Hawkeye fan, but I think this is one of the better Secret Wars comic packs to date. Piledriver is a little plain, but he fits the character well. Meanwhile Hawkeye is one of the best small scale Marvel figures ever.

I suspect this pack will be popular, so stay on the lookout. I hope you enjoyed this much requested review. Please follow me on Twitter. Other than that, have a Happy Valentine’s day!

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