As Moon Knight Week starts to wind down I’m taking a look at the newest Moon Knight figure to come down the line. The Marvel Universe line by Hasbro immediately sold me on the line by announcing a Moon Knight figure early on. It took Marvel Legends 6 or 7 series before they got to Marc Spector, so it was a big surprise to me when Hasbro announced Moon Knight for Wave 4.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this Moon Knight is just how spot on he is. If you’ve read the Moon Knight comics and have been following my other Moon Knight reviews, you’ll be surprised to see how this one ranks up there. Let’s break it down…

I’m a big fan of the Marvel Universe packaging as I’ve wrote before. The Frank Cho artwork looks really good. One of the things I like about this Moon Knight picture is that Cho has drawn him to look like old Moon Knight. Not that there is a big difference in vintage Moon Knight stuff and more current stuff, but this picture reminds me of the 1980’s era Moon Knight.

I also appreciate the subtle things, such as his name being on a faded gray and white piece of paper. That’s similar to other figures like Red Hulk who’s name was wrote on red paper. It’s just different for each guy and it helps complete the Moon Knight look. One of the best features is the little bio on the back… That surprisingly is NOT the “Wounded in battle, mercenary-for-hire Marc Spector was mystically restored to serve as the moon’s knight of vengeance…” spiel that is literally on EVERY other Moon Knight figure and practically every Moon Knight comic and collectable since his inception.

He has a completely new bio sheet and that’s a big breath of fresh air. Inside he’s in the typical shell with a single rubber band holding him in. Much like the Marvel Legends version, his cape is pushed through the card in the back but it’s pliable enough to slip right out. Well done there as this is a thick rubber cape but it’s just pliable enough.

On the Legends figure I said it had too much articulation. The Select version seemed to be missing just a little. Well like Goldylocks and the Three Bears, this figure’s articulation is “just right”. He has a ball jointed neck that is obscured a bit with the cape, but holds a variety of poses.

He also has ball jointed shoulders, swivel at the shoulder, jointed elbows, swivel wrists, a mid-torso ball joint, GI Joe style T-bar legs which reach largely the same motion as a ball joint, double hinged knees, and rocker ankles. These are true rocker ankles, allowing swivel as well as movement.

This allows Moon Knight to get into a great deal of poses with ease. Unlike the Marvel Legends version you can easily move him into a position, without having to fiddle around with 17 different joints just to have him in a decent pose. In fact I found him the easiest to pose of all the Moon Knights I’ve worked with this past week.

He can stand up straight, crouch down, you name it. The articulation all works really well and the cape doesn’t get in the way much. In fact the cape helps him hold some more difficult poses that the other versions of this figure can’t hold because of how their capes are made.

Moon Knight uses the “Daredevil” body, so named because Daredevil used it first in Wave 1 of the Marvel Universe 3 3/4 figures. I’m not a big fan of Daredevil to begin with, but I hated the way he looked. Short, squatted, wide chested… So why doesn’t Moon Knight look the same? I have no idea. Maybe it’s the head, maybe it’s the cape, maybe it’s the paint scheme but he doesn’t look short and squatty at all. Make no mistake, he is shorter than some of the other guys but the wide body issue seems to be resolved here.

Interestingly the chest has a similar issue that the Marvel Legends Bullseye body had in that it has a small cave in the front that would seemingly make the logo impossible. Yet Hasbro found a way around it by painting it all the way into the crack and out, making his crescent moon perfectly centered and crisp. The moon is painted in a lighter white than the rest of the body really making it pop out as well.

One of the hands is a gripper while the other is left open in a somewhat useless fashion. FINALLY someone cast Moon Knight’s head and cowl as one piece. That’s really what the Legends version should have done. What this creates is the illusion of one full cape with a hood, but gives Moon Knight the ability to move his head. It also means that Moon Knight isn’t crouched over like a mean old man, as the ML version was.

We see just enough of the face, with none of that Zen the Intergalactic Ninja issues that the Marvel Legends one had. Of course it might be because this is a smaller scale that they’re able to get away with that, but it definitely works. His belt is a separate piece but it’s glued onto the mold. The only issue there is that my belt is just a teensy weensy bit crooked. It’s not a deal breaker though. This is Moon Knight’s more disco looking belt, but it doesn’t look as silly as some of the others have.

Best cape of the bunch.

The paint work is really what makes this Moon Knight so good. First, he’s cast in WHITE plastic. That’s right, it’s taken two other figures since the originals, but finally we get a MOON KNIGHT IN WHITE! He has a nice light grey wash over the body, hood and cape. It brings out the muscles without making them overbearing.

There is also something strange going on with the hands and boots. They’ve been painted and possibly cast in a glossier plastic. However the effect is achieved, it works really nice. It makes the wrists hands and boots of Moon Knight stand out from the rest of his outfit. The belt is also cast in a really light, somewhat translucent plastic as is his bo staff and Moon throwing disc. It’s not clear, but it’s so light that it does have a bit of an effect.

I give Toy Biz credit for not just reusing Doctor Doom’s cape or a similar one… But I did a quick swap of him with Doom’s cape and he actually looks WAY better with the Doom style cape. I see what Toy Biz was going for, but it ultimately failed. Moon Knight seems a bit more like the crypt keeper than anything with that cape on.

Moon Knight comes with his two most important accessories. First is the bo staff. This is very similar to the Marvel Legends version, but as I said above it’s cast in a interesting color that makes it better than just plain white. It does have a few details on it, but it’s not super exciting. The staff isn’t flimsy at all though despite it’s extremely thin nature.

The other accessory is a Moon throwing disc or Moon-a-rang. This thing is tiny. It’s PERFECT scale for this figure though. I really give Hasbro credit for including it. Seriously, how many Batman figures came with Bat-a-rangs? Not man and usually if they did they were gigantic and out of scale. Not here. If you’re a kid though, you’ll be losing this thing. It’s cast in that strange plastic and maybe has some gloss paint on it making it slippery. It’s about the size of a cat’s nail.

Of course the figure comes with the paper accessories that all the Marvel Universe figures do. A little card with some art and stats, as well as a S.H.I.E.L.D. letter which plays up a bit on Moon Knight being more of an eccentric billionaire who’s crazy, than a Moon powered superhero.

Of course it’s not as impressive as the Marvel Select accessories but it’s better than the stuff that came with the Marvel Legends version. If you have the Select figure he looks cool with Khonshu as it towers over him like a real giant statue would.

Additional Notes:
I’ve reviewed a lot of other Moon Knight figures this week. Guess what? None of them compare to this one. This is the best Moon Knight figure made. As with some previous figures, Hasbro has learned from the mistakes of the past and put them together to make a great figure without any of the flaws.

Although these guys run $8, I don’t have a problem paying it in this instance. Moon Knight is a good figure and he’s the best version of this character to come down the line. His accessories aren’t forced, they are in perfect scale and it works out to be a lot of fun. This is the complete package when it comes to Moon Knight. The only other think he could have is some nunchucks. If you have Daredevil you’ve got a pair he can borrow.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Bo Staff, Moon Disc, Paper Accessories
Value – 9
Overall – 9 out of 10

If I hadn’t been grading all the other Moon Knights this week, I may not have given him as high a score. But after working my way through average or mediocre Moon Knights, it’s really a cool breeze of awesome to have my hands on a “perfect” Moon Knight. There isn’t a single flaw on this figure from paint, accessories, scale, articulation, nothing. For fans of Moon Knight this an absolute must.

Madman or Moon God?!

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