Moon Knight Week is in full swing here at Infinite Hollywood as it’s off with our first Moon Knight figure review. This figure comes from the Marvel Select line and was made in 2006 right around the same time that Moon Knight was relaunched in Marvel comics. Moon Knight returned in a mini-series called “The Bottom” after having been dead and not in print for several years.

My brother purchased this guy for me this past Christmas and claims to have paid $50 for it. Although the price tag pretty clearly says $18.99 and not the $48.99 he claims to have paid. I’m sure if he ever reads this, he’ll swear he paid the other price. But I’m onto you brother man.


This package is huge and clunky. I can’t stress how big this package is enough. Now for sure, Marvel Select figures are themselves in a wonky 8 inch scale that fails to be compatible with Marvel Legends in most instances, but this guy really feels like he’s in a lot of wasted space. I’ve included a picture of the package next to both a GI Joe 25th card and a MOTUC card to give you an idea of just how gigantic the package is.

The rest of the box itself isn’t really nicely designed either. It hits all the major points, including showing off some vintage card art and the 2006 comic cover that was the return of Moon Knight. As well it shows off the other figures in the series, gives a brief bio and has a neat side picture that opens up with Moon Knight… But it all feels very clunky. It’s just an ugly design.

Inside the shell is Moon Knight and all his accessories. They’re held in with twist ties and there aren’t too many of them but the ties are all so poorly tied that you have to clip them to get them loose. There is a stand/base of a half moon that’s taped underneath the inner shell.

Early Marvel Select figures didn’t have as much articulation as their Marvel Legends counterparts, but this one is fairly close to what is standard in the ways of articulation for both Hasbro and Toy Biz. He has a ball jointed neck, ball shoulders, swivel just below the shoulder, hinged elbows, swivel wrist, cut waist, ball jointed legs, swivel thigh, hinged knees and rocker ankles.

You could certainly make a case for more articulation, but I think it’s wasted breath. This guy has more than enough articulation to be serviceable for any pose you could need him for. Obviously the big missing piece is an ab hinge. Depending on how you feel about ab hinges, it could be a negative or a positive. Not having the ab hinge allows the torso to be better defined and the sculpt isn’t broken up.

I’m not an articulation junkie so I’m content with the articulation here and it all seems to work pretty well. The major issue comes from the ball jointed legs. The ball joints force his legs into an awkward bow legged position. In a nutshell he can never stand straight up. It just looks weird.

This guy is chocked full of detail and it’s all sculpted in. His body is full of wrinkles and veins as well as other little crevices. Often times you just see stuff like this represented via a paint wash, but here we get both the paint wash and the detailing. It makes the sculpt seem a bit busy, but it fits the rugged style that is seen in some of the newer Moon Knight comics. In those issues he appears very jagged and not smooth and this figure is a pretty good representation of that, although I don’t think it was intentional.

Moon Knight’s costume is fairly well presented with nice crescent moon logo on his chest that stands out well. His belt seems a little more disco than I remember but I think that has a lot more to do with the translation from 2D to 3D than anything. His gloves are done well and he’s featuring his spiked knucks on his right hand. Obviously someone’s getting their ass kicked tonight.

One hand is sculpted to hold his Moon shaped throwing discs which is nice but the other hand is completely closed and I always like to have at least one neutral hand. The plus side is that the throwing hand looks really good with a Moon disc in it. The cape is really a work of beauty with a thick texture that makes it flow but looks leathery and organic.

The paint work is solid, with a plethora of washes about. Moon Knight is an interesting character color wise because it’s not clear what color the guy really is. Is he white, gray, silver? A mix of all three is represented here and depending on where the light hits it he looks like any one of those colors. The cape is lighter while the inside is painted with a darker gray wash. The boots, gloves and belt are all a nice clean white that stands out well with silver highlights.

Marvel Select scale doesn’t fit in with much, maybe Thundercats.

This is where this figure shines through the most. One of the things that separates Marc Spector from Bruce Wayne is that he has been emblazoned with the powers of the Egyptian spirit Khonshu. Moon Knight himself is known as the Fist of Khonshu because he uses his powers which become enhanced with the Moon to do the bidding of Khonshu. Essentially this Egyptian god gave Spector the ability to be superhuman and what we get in the Marvel Select figure is a statue of Khonshu.

The statue is in every way more impressive than the figure itself. Deeply and accurately sculpted with a great paint wash. It really looks nice. Also included is a base that can fit around the statue or elsewhere and it’s made of the same look but of a thick heavy plastic. These two accessories alone make this worth a purchase for Moon Knight fans.

Moon Knight also comes with two Moon-a-rangs, or Moon throwing discs. Everyone always makes a big deal out of those as an area to compare him to Batman and honestly, they are just boomerangs. I’m still glad we get two and they have some sculpting on them as well. They’re made of a very pliable rubber material.

The only fault that can be made of Khonshu is that he’s hollow and doesn’t have a back at all. I’d rather the statue been as heavy as the base is. Moon Knight is missing his staff, but considering all else that’s here it’s no big loss.

Additional Notes:
There aren’t that many Moon Knight figures out there. This Marvel Select one is a treat if only because Marvel Select itself hasn’t made that many figures in the grand scheme of things. It’s nice to have a bit of variety.

If you paid $50 then you probably paid too much. He’s worth up to about $18 or so I’d say though. Mostly for the statue. If you’re just a casual Moon Knight fan though, I’ll have some other figures later in the week that would definitely be more worth your money.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 5
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Khonshu Statue, Base, Moon Throwing Discs
Value – 8
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

If Moon Knight could stand up straight he’d probably score an 8. If he didn’t have the cool accessories he’d probably score a 6. See what’s going on there? His accessories really raise the bar on this guy. I’m a big fan of Marc Spector in all his forms and Moon Knight is a great addition to any collection but the Marvel Select scale pretty much limits him to hardcore comic or Moon Knight collectors.

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2 Responses to Marvel Select Moon Knight Figure Review

  • Wes says:

    Hmmm… you’re really docking him for not being able to stand straight up? I admit that it’s a tiny bit disappointing to find that a character can’t stand straight up at first, but once I start fiddling with toys I almost never have them in that position. Heck, the only figures I leave standing straight up are the ones that can’t hold other poses due to top-heaviness or loose ankles and whatnot!

    This Moon Knight looks like he could get into some pretty wicked combat poses. If the figure were actually dressed in white — as opposed to that grimy greyish color — I’d totally hunt it down.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review — looking forward to reading about the Werewolf by Night!

  • Dean Dooley says:

    Great website, I’m a huge Moon Knight fan myself. Cut your brother some slack, that figure did go for $50 in shops shortly after it was released. I never did plunk down the cash for it because of that. Thank Khonshu that Hasbro finally came through with their excellent Marvel Universe Moon Knight.

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