I recently placed an order for a bunch of action figures and there was a shipping deal that if you bought over a certain amount, the shipping was free. It made more sense to buy a few more toys than pay for shipping and that’s how we come upon today’s review.

Baron Zemo came about in the Avengers way back in 1964. Zemo is a former Nazi scientist turned megalomaniac millionaire who battled Captain America throughout the World War II era. Zemo is interesting in that he actually died but managed to appear in comics for several years through flash backs and time travel storylines.

This Baron Zemo figure appeared in Marvel Legends series 14 (the Mojo BAF series) and had a few things going for him. One he was under $3, which had me very interested in purchasing him. Two, he’s a generic looking figure that I could use in other collections. Three and perhaps most importantly, I already have ML Face-Off Captain America and Red Skull and he’d look good displayed with them. That’s why I’m reviewing a figure from way back in July of 2006.

On a side note, there’s a sort of hilarious review of the Baron over at Kidazy.com where the woman reviewing the figure has no idea that Zemo is a Nazi. She’s alarmed by Mojo’s breasts, but the fact that Zemo hails Hitler and wants to kill the Jews is lost on her. Amusing.

I however am well aware of Baron Zemo’s past with the Nazis and it’s one of the other reasons I purchased this figure. Nazis are the ultimate bad guys. They’re like comic book bad guys, but they actually existed. By that I mean the Nazis were into all sorts of strange things, from werewolves to the occult to robots and laser beams, the Nazis were into it. That’s what makes them and Zemo cool. Not necessarily their beliefs, but that they’re evil to a level of commitment that no other faction throughout history has been.

The Marvel Legends figures used to come in this really annoying plastic clamshell. It’s a real pain in the butt to get out because you need scissors and even then you stand a chance of cutting yourself on the plastic. I suppose it keeps the figure safe, but it’s really a lot of added work and it’s not a very pretty package.

The nice thing is the comic that’s inside, as well as the cheap carbdoard background. They’re minor things, but at least it’s not wasted paper. Of course the mounds of plastic you just had to chop through to get to them probably makes it a moot point.

A few twist ties but nothing too bad.

Marvel Legends are known for their articulation and Baron Zemo has plenty of it. In fact he probably has too much articulation, which is one of my main complaints against ML figures. They never seem to know when to leave well enough alone. He has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel wrists, hand joints, ab crunch, ball jointed legs, swivel upper thighs, double jointed knees, cut ankles, jointed ankles and jointed toes.

That’s a TON of articulation but a lot of it is wasted. Is there a point in toe joints? The hand joints don’t really help the figure much and in some cases make his accessories harder to hold. Although both hands can hold his scepter, sculpted hands probably would have done the trick. He really needs true swivel biceps or as I call it, swivel arm battle grip, because although you can achieve the same poses with the articulationm provided you have to do twice the work.

In the comic Zemo doesn’t have eye holes, but he has them here. He looks better for it. Still he does sort of look like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. I wonder if they’re related? Probably not with Zemo being a Nazi and all… But Donald is dumb.

Zemo’s black brother?

His purple 70’s jumpsuit looks good with its puffy collar and puffy collared boots. He has a Hulk Hogan weight belt in gold that looks nice but I have no idea why he needs it. The sculpted Luger in his holster looks quite nice and I wish he came with a detachable one as Dr. Doom did. He looks good with Doom’s.

Paint wise he has a nice black wash over most of him that really gives him a more villainous look. Which is needed for a guy in purple with a sock on his head. There is some slop mostly around his “crown” and some weathering on his boots that complete the ensemble.

Giant Zemo versus tiny Captain America…

Zemo gets his cool looking scepter that’s got just enough to look like a Nazi weapon with the strange German winged eagle, but it’s missing the swastika. Fair enough, this was available at Wal-Mart afterall. He also includes a big chunk of Mojo. He’s got Mojo’s top torso, arms and head. As well as a little plastic piece to hold up his cardboard backer.

Sadly his gun doesn’t come out of the holster, but it’s nicely sculpted and sorely missed. I’ll probably use the Mojo piece and make some sort of monster out of him as I doubt I’ll build the full Mojo. But he’s definitely cool for what he is. He’s chunky and big and loaded with articulation. Definitely when it comes to BAF random pieces, this one is one that could be a character all his own. Which is nice.

Hanging out in the lab, torturing people.

Additional Notes:
Zemo is sort of Doctor Mindbender meets Cobra Commander and he’s probably Captain America’s #2 bad guy behind the Red Skull. That makes him worth a pickup in my book. Especially because he has a lot of crossover appeal. Seriously, you could use this guy as a generic thug in a heartbeat. In fact, I just might!

He originally retailed for about $8.99 which was a great price at the time. In today’s market he’d run about $12 which still isn’t bad for all that you get. However I paid under $3 which easily makes him the best purchase I’ve made in months. How can I complain about a $3 figure?!?!

Comics from the 60’s? Oh brother…

Marvel Comic:
The comic included with Baron Zemo is a reprinted Avengers comic from 1964 (chocked full of ads). It’s actually only the 6th Avengers comic and marks Captain America’s first real day on the team. Hulk was the previous “leader” of the Avengers before Cap. The issue serves as the bio and intro to Zemo which makes it a good inclusion.

As for the comic itself though, it’s downright terrible. Captain America’s feeling bad over the loss of Bucky while Zemo is assembling an army of evildoers. He forms the “Masters of Evil” which has to be the most bootleg motley crew of villains ever. Heavy hitters like the Melter (Who is the 1960’s arch nemesis of Iron Man because get this… He can melt iron!) and Radioactive man join the ranks along with Zemo and Black Knight. Their grand scheme? To use a super glue to glue the world still!

Of course the super glue ties into Zemo’s origin as he apparently had his face blasted with the glue when Captain America and him did battle during World War II. Zemo has been stuck with this hood over his face ever since, because you can’t get this glue loose. That’s sort of important. I have no idea how Zemo sees much less eats through his hood.

Eventually the villains glue the heroes down, but they remember some other glue master dude named Pastey Pete or some crap like that who unglues them all in order to get out of jail. Yes, brilliant scientist Zemo can invent this super glue but yet in TWENTY YEARS since World War II he couldn’t make a glue remover? But some schmuck criminal from Chicago can? Oy vey.

The heroes devise a plan to defeat the villains by switching foes, so Ant Man fights Radioactive Man, Thor fights Melter, etc… And of course the villains have no idea what to do when faced with someone who isn’t their arch nemesis. But given how lame most of these guys are (I was expecting Don’t Cross the Street Man to appear any time) it’s no surprise.

At the end of the day the villains are stopped, everyone gets unglued EXCEPT Zemo and all is well. Yeah, this comic is still only worth about $0.12 that it originally cost. But neat for historical value alone I suppose.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 5
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 8
Accessories – Scepter, Mojo tits, Comic, Cardboard background
Value – 10
Overall – 7 out of 10

Chances are if you wanted this figure, you’ve already bought it. I can’t complain about him too much because he’s brand new to me. A lot of the older Marvel Legends go for tons of money on the second market, but some of the older gems like this guy are now available for cheap.

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