A cover like this is coming, what will Homer think?

According to E! online, Marge Simpson will be posing nude in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. Considering how so many stars who do Playboy now don’t even appear nude, this must be a big coup for Playboy! They finally convinced someone to pose nude and it’s a cartoon.

The iconic cartoon TV mom Marge Simpson is set to appear naked on the cover of the November issue of Playboy Magazine. The issue will also include a three-page pictorial and “interview” to mark The Simpsons 20th anniversary.

I’ll be honest, while I don’t watch the Simpsons every week I’m not one of those nerds that feels the need to hate on the show. If I have to hear one more nerd proclaim how the show isn’t “near as good as season 3” or some such nonsense I’ll puke. I think the Simpsons should pretty much always be on the air. It’s great mindless entertainment.

Although I do have to admit this is probably the oddest crossover I can remember. Playboy has been pulling a lot of really stupid stunts lately, so I have to wonder how their readership will enjoy this. But I guess if any cartoon woman has earned it, it’s Marge.

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