Well March is in the record books. It perhaps wasn’t the most memorable theme month, but at least it gave me an excuse to throw up a couple of extra robot reviews. If you want to take a look back at all the mechanical mayhem we highlighted in March, here it all is in one convenient location.

Custom Bramble

JLU Robotman Review

Revoltech Black Ox Review

Revoltech Tetsujin Review

Revoltech Patlabor Review

Revoltech King Gainer Review

Iron Man 2 War Machine Review

Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo Review

Iron Man 2 Iron Monger Review

Star Wars IG-88 Review

Mighty Muggs Darth Vader Review

Tetsujin 28 Live Action Movie Review

Iron Giant Movie Review

Robot 13 Comic Review

Robocop Comic Review

Best of Robots Around

Focus On Z-Bots

MOTR Intro

Somewhere in there was supposed to be an interview with Slobots creator and artist, Mike Slobot. Hopefully that’ll get posted whenever I get it. Consider it an addendum to the March festivities. We didn’t quite get to everything I wanted, but that happens. We’ll continue to pepper cybernetic fun throughout the rest of the year without a doubt as well.

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