Does anyone else remember Mac Tonight and the McDonalds Happy Meal Mac Tonight toys? I had a bunch of these when I was a kid. I have to give McDonalds credit they were pretty smart there for a while. Create their own characters, make kids love them, then make kids want the toys of them.

Of course they’d done the same thing before with Ronald and all his pals, but Mac Tonight was just different. He was adult. He wasn’t aimed at kids, yet they made Happy Meal toys of him. I had a bunch of the Jeep one too. Couldn’t get rid of that thing for years. I think I had them all.

Apparently McDonalds brought Mac Tonight back in 2007ish when they were making their nationwide open 24 hour campaign. I never saw new Mac Tonight commercials, but I guess they made them. Not popular enough for new toys though.

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