Sooo much new Doctor Who stuff in the works to be released right before Christmas. I hadn’t updated on these items yet, because I knew more would be coming. I’m not sure if even more will be announced, but we’ll just have to see. Just a few weeks ago many people thought we were going to get nothing new Who-wise for Christmas and now we’ve got a bunch already announced.

First up and probably most important is the release of Peri and Sil. It’s cool to get the Sil, but Peri is the big draw here. As I said on Twitter, if we’re getting Peri, we’re bound to be getting every other important companion. Also, somebody at Character Options must love the 6th Doctor. We’ve got a ton of 6th Doctor stuff, second only to the 4th. This has been solicited for the United States as well.

For you modern Doctor Who fans, a new Tardis playset has been announced. It’s the Christmas adventure set and included the 11th Doctor’s Tardis, the 11th Doc and a brand new Amy Pond in Kiss-o-gram outfit. That’s pretty cool if you want that Amy or don’t have that Tardis. I don’t know if I’ll be picking it up or not.

Finally we have a new 7th Doctor from his battle with the Rani. It’s very similar to the previously released cream coated Doctor, but isn’t quite the same. This would be a good replacement for that one, if you didn’t feel like springing for the other. It’d been nice if there was more than a few paint application changes. I don’t know if I will be picking this up or not, but we’ll see. I’m a sucker for the 8th Doctor. This has been solicited for US sales as well.

Also good news for US fans is that all of the new series Daleks are finally on their way to American shores. Unfortunately still no word on the Cyberman set or the other 8th Doctor Daleks set. Hopefully we’ll hear something on those eventually, but for now I guess we have to deal with what we’ve been given. Will there be more Doctor Who toy announcements before Christmas?!

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  • Hellbelly says:

    Also the 11th Doctor in the Christmas Special Set has a different jacket and shirt, but the Seventh Doctor looks identical to the previous picture of the 7th Doctor released with the Imperial dalek (although I haven't got the actual figure to hand at the moment to check if it matches the pictures).
    It's a shame it's not actually accurate to the episode, as that would have been an interesting variant to have.

  • Bill says:

    Peri is a must-have for me, as I had a school boy crush on her way back when. Totally unfamiliar with "Sil", but it looks great.

    The CS set is a HUGE disappointment. Does anyone need yet another copy of this 11 figure? The Amy in the Kissogram outfit just looks bad- She should at least have a hat. As it is, it looks like a just-barely repaint of the original figure.

    That seventh Doctor appeals to me, though. The version in the 11 set is the only figure I don't care for.

    WHY does CO release this stuff now, when I already wrote my letter to Santa?!

  • Yeah, I guess it depends on what the final 7th Doctor looks like. They actually used the same promo photo from the original Dalek set here… But that actual figure had a more brown hue to the pants. So it's possible that this will have the grayish pants shown in the proto.

    It could actually end up look more accurate to the episode, I suppose. Hard to say without seeing a real product. May be a straight re-release.

    You're right about th 11th, he's been slightly tweaked.

  • I think the Kiss-O-Gram Amy looks pretty good, but she doesn't really interest me. I know a lot of people want that figure. I'm not in love with Amy like everyone else.

    As for Peri? Well she had some um… Great traits.

  • Russ says:

    look how many of the 10th Doctor we got ':B-)

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    It's great to see that we're getting Peri. Hopefully, Tegan and Nyssa won't be far behind. I want Tegan in her stewardess outfit, tube top, and 20th Anniversary dress from The Five Doctors and beyond. =)

  • Russ says:

    I want Nyssa, Jamie, Zoe, Romana II, Ian, Susan, Sarah Jane, the Brigadier, and Ace. I wouldn't mind Mel or Leela either.

  • Fengschwing says:

    It looks like this version of the TARDIS has improved lighting. The first release had the darker blue paint scheme, St. Johns Ambulance badge on the door, white window frames, black windows and a re-sculpted light on top. Unfortunately that was the only working light, there was no interior lighting and the windows were a solid black anyway. This one has translucent windows, so I'm hoping for improved lighting too.
    I already have an 11th Doctor and a 'regular' Amy, so won't be picking this up but as Newton said, it's great if you don't have these toys already.

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