Simpsons Legos
Lego continues to expand it’s toy empire and massive amount of licensing, by creating a new set of Simpsons Legos set to debut within the next year. While no real prototypes have been shown off, we can expect them to look like Legos. No surprise there, really. Lego has proven to be very innovative and quite adaptive to a variety of formats, so I suspect Simpsons will work just fine as Legos.

Lego Simpsons
The Simpsons even mocked Legoland in an episode, so it’s a interesting tribute that they finally get made into little brick figures. While a lot of people bemoan the Simpsons and talk about how bad the show is these days, there are still lots of laughs to be had in the Simpsons and there isn’t a more culturally significant program on television these days. The Simpsons is a staple of media and still a ratings powerhouse, so it’s a perfect fit for the Lego brand.

What makes this more interesting, is that it shows that Lego is willing to go a bit outside the box and continue to come up with new concepts. Right now it’s planned for just a set or two, but if World of Springfield showed us anything, it’s that the Simpsons line could be huge if you expand into other characters and sets. I could definitely see the Lego Simpsons line going that far or even farther, if the sales were there.

4 Responses to Lego to make Simpsons Figures

  • Howie Decker says:

    I love how creative and aggressive LEGO has been with acquiring licenses over the last few years. Looking forward to these!

  • If I were to guess, these are going to be like the Spongebob and Ninja Turtles Lego’s. Can’t say I’m a big fan of those lines. I do want to be excited for Simpsons Lego’s, but given I’ve now enjoyed less seasons than I haven’t enjoyed, excitement is lower. If they were to do crazy stuff like jumping the Springfield Gorge, or All Syrup Squishee playsets then I could be down

    • Newton says:

      I have some of the TMNT ones, but I haven’t opened them yet. I really liked the superhero Spongebob set, only cause it looked amusing. I know nothing of Spongebob.

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