Lego Minifigures Series 8
1 1/2 Inch scale
By: Lego

Perhaps the best figure of the bunch in Lego’s Series 8 of Minifigures, is the Diver. He seems like a deep sea diver to me and he’s got all the traits of a classic, fun little figure. Sure he’s not as exciting as an alien or a robot, but it’s the little things that help this figure stand out. From the magnifying glass in the helmet to the lead boots, there’s just enough small details to make the charm factor on this figure, second to none.


Since these are blind bag minifigures, they are packed in a pretty basic bag so that you don’t know which figure you are getting. If you want to find this guy just feel around. The helmet piece is pretty big and it should be a dead giveaway that you’re getting the diver.

As usual, there’s the checklist inside as well. I think it’d be neat if Lego starting doing bio sheets for the characters, but that’s not really Lego’s style.


As usual, there’s not a ton going on since this is a Lego, but there’s more here than you might think.


I should note that you have to build all these Lego minifigs.


The details on his costume look quite nice. He has little Lego bricks that attach to his feet. Those are the lead boots, that divers used to wear. It’s awesome. As is the helmet, which has the aforementioned magnifying effect. It really makes him stand out.


The sculpt looks good front and back and boxy nature of a Lego figure helps to make this one seem even more accurate. He has straps designed on his suit and everything just seems to work. Sure it’s pretty basic, but it’s effective.

You get the basic Lego articulation here with swivels at the neck, legs, wrists and arms. It’s not going to impress anyone, but it’s what Lego figures have had for eons. If you’re familiar with that, you’ll not be surprised with what you have here. Personally I’d love to see the articulation model updated just a bit, but I know most are content.

This is where the Diver really does better than most. He has the removable helmet, the lead boots and also a harpoon gun. Awesome.


As always, he comes with a little black stand that’s basically just a Lego brick piece. Nothing fancy, but does help with some posing!


As I’ve said before, these guys really benefit because of the current market. At $3 or so, you can get a fun toy with a few accessories and articulation that’s comparable to a lot of bigger, more expensive offerings (sad as that is). It’s a great value for kids and collectors alike. Lego stuff is very expensive in general, so for the minifigs to be so cost efficient, it’s a real treat.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 2
Sculpt/Paint – 7
Articulation – 5
Accessories – 8
Value – 9
Overall: 8


Of the three Lego Series 8 Minifigures that I picked up, the Diver might just be the most fun. He’s not as neat as a Robot or anything, but he just has some sort of intangible charm that makes him a lot of fun. You’ve got to love that face. he’s ready for some adventure!

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