Lego Minifigures Series 8
Evil Alien Queen
1 1/2 Inch scale
By: Lego

You may recall that I mentioned that I recently hit the jackpot as it were, with the Lego Minifigures Series 8 collection. I bought three figures and managed to get the three that I wanted. That’s probably pretty rare, but of course I fond them all by mashing around on the package so it’s not like I was that lucky. None the less, the Alien figure was amongst those scores. Lego had a whole series a while back called Alien Conquest, which featured a ton of similar designs. I always wanted to buy some, but never did for one reason or another.


Oddly enough, I ended up seeing that series on clearance, but I never did bite the bullet. Oh well. At least I got this little Alien figure. So how does she stack up?!

These come in blind bag packages. Nothing fancy. Use your fingers to find the ones that you want, or go stealth and look for bump codes.


It’s not super easy to feel around and figure out who is who, but you can generally be pretty close.


Inside is a little sheet giving you a checklist rundown of who’s in the series.

As it comes to sculpting, the Alien has more than most Legos. In fact I wasn’t sure I had the Alien because when I felt his “feet” I couldn’t quite place what they were. She uses a brick for her feet, which immediately helps her to stand out in the ol’ Lego collection.


Piecing her together was pretty easy, but I was surprised that she had a real Lego head under his Alien dome. Would have just have been as easy to make a Lego Alien head I’d think, but it’s two pieces for some reason.


This gives you a pretty neat pink head. Maybe I’m crazy, but I quite like this. I wasn’t inspired enough to turn it into a custom or anything, but it seems like it could be.


The cape is made out of some sort of fabric paper. It’s more paper than fabric and a bit of a trick to get on. It works well enough though and again helps her stand out. I also dig that she has a translucent brain.

She actually has different articulation, but it’s not improved. It’s WORSE!


Thanks to his little brick legs, she doesn’t have any leg articulation. I guess I can’t penalize it too much, since this is a design choice. Still, less articulation is bad, mmmkay?! On the plus side, the brick makes her taller than most Legos.

As with most the figures in this set, she comes with a small weapon.


She gets a ray gun. In fact it’s the exact same ray gun that came with the Robot figure. It’s cast in a lighter gray this time and instead of a long translucent beam, it gets a little “button” that’s translucent. Fair enough.


You also get a plain black Lego brick stand. Same as it ever was.

I never did take a chance on the Alien Conquest figures because even at clearance prices, they were fairly expensive and I don’t really have much time to do brick building. The King of Legos I am not. Still at $3, this was a nice little foray into that realm.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 2
Sculpt/Paint – 8
Articulation – 4
Accessories – 6
Value – 9
Overall: 7

These are nice little figures. I think Series 8 had some of the more creative options of the last few sets. It’s definitely able to appeal to someone like me who might pass on a clown Lego but would buy a robot or an alien. Spoiler alert on a future Lego review…


And if you don’t like his brick legs, you can always rip off some spare legs from a regular Lego man and give her that added articulation. Leaving the room open for some serious custom possibilities. That’s not a BAD thing, that’s…a GOOD thing! Right DDP?


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