On the 9th Day of Advent, can Lego redeem itself from yesterday’s mundane gift?

It’s time for another Lego Advent day, so let’s see what’s inside!

It’s another Lego man! This time one with a modern winter outfit and some axes!

Bag of bodies? Isn’t that the new Stephen King mini-series? No? Okay then!

Looks pretty easy to put together. I like the little hoodie.

As Wendell Wilson would say, easy as pie.

No don’t chop down that tree little axe dude!

He’s only supposed to come with one axe, but as usual, there’s an extra piece and this time it’s an extra blade! You know what that means…

Run Po-Po, RUN!

Time to dual! Actually I think the sunglasses head might go better on the Police officer. Those look like Copper glasses to me.

Things are really starting to get interesting in Lego Advent holiday town… What’s next for these little people? You’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out!

2 Responses to Lego Advent Calendar – Day 9

  • Bill White says:

    What a hilarious collection of figures in this set. This one at least has some slim connection to the Holidays, or at least Winter.

    This set is so goofy, I almost wanna buy one for myself…

  • Yeah it's proven to be a lot of fun, if not slightly hogging all the time on my website. For my first ever Advent calendar though, I'm enjoying it. Really surprised at all the extra pieces they keep giving me. I like it, but I'm so not used to that.

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