On the sixth day of Christmas, Lego gave to me? Hopefully something Christmasy!

I should note, I really love the pictures on this thing. Lots of really neat little Lego scenes. I particularly like the Lego family playing in the snow at the bottom corner. There is just a ton to look at on this calendar.

It looks like a Christmas tree! About time. Then again, it could be a rocket ship. It sort of looks like the top half is blasting off, doesn’t it?

Bag O’ Tree!

This could be trouble…

I must be getting better at this. So far, no trouble.

The tree is together, now to just add the ornaments!

Lego Po-Po is gonna help out.

No trouble today. We finally have some Christmas elements! What will happen in the next 24 hours? Tune in tomorrow to see!

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