After yesterday’s calamity, can I properly put together a Lego building of only 20 pieces? If you guessed no, then you give yourself an extra glass of egg nog! Read on as the misadventures of Advent continue!

Okay it seems pretty evident we’re building a Police Station of sorts.

I couldn’t even get yesterday’s building together properly and it had less parts. This could spell trouble.

Coming along nicely…

I did it right, YAY!

Now I have TWO extra brown blocks. WTF Lego?!

The two sides then connect together via a little peg.

Then it should look like this!

See that wasn’t so hard. Even an idiot can do it!

Ugh, so I was about to post this, when looking over my pictures I realized, yes I had put this together wrong. Man, I’m awful at Legos. The top should connect via this white piece and the roof lip should face outside.

Until next time, I’m Newton Gimmick and Legos are difficult!

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