We can see Santa is out in his sleigh just over the moon. Yeah, the package on this lego City Advent calendar is pretty awesome. Lots of little details throughout.

Four days in and our Advent-ure continues. Will we get another figure today or will Lego make us actually build something? Magic, mystery and intrigue (or none of the above) hide behind the cut. Read on and find out what today’s Advent surprise is!

Inside it looks like we got a jail cell. That should be easy enough to put together…

Quite a few parts.

So far so good…

Wait what?

Too many pieces! AHHH!

Is this right? Why do I have an odd number of the brown squares and two double brown squares. There’s no way to make this match the picture! I must be Lego stupid.

Oh well, at least I have part of a jail. Maybe the oddball pieces will make sense on another day. That’s what happened with the snowballs. See you tomorrow!

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