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Christmas is now only 22 days away! What surprise does the Lego Advent calendar hold in store for us today?! It’s Day 3! Grab a cup of hot coco or like me, a can of ginger ale and come inside and find out!

I had no trouble finding the window for Day 3, thankfully. Yesterday’s was a bit of a process. What’s inside? It’s the Po-Po!

The usual bag of goodies.

He’s got the white cap just like Maniac Cop! Yes, I managed to work in a link from 3 years ago!

Once assembled, he’s a pretty basic Cop. Nothing too fancy, but the grin is a bit smug. Lego has come a long way, but these City figures are definitely a little bit of a throwback in my mind.

He has a fair amount of detail. He also has two pairs of slightly rubbery handcuffs. That’s pretty cool. Lego even engineered a little nub in the center so he can hold them properly.

This is bad news for our Lego Crook! It reminds me of the old Cookie Crisp song which I can sing by heart. Chip the dog and Cookie Crook, Cookie Crisp is what they took, little cookies you can’t resist… COOOOOKIE Crisp! Or as Urban Dictionary so eliquently put it:

the cops. if you hear some one yell the po-po’s comein RUN!!!!!

More fun and excitement tomorrow. Keep coming back each day for more of the Advent mayhem!

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