It’s all over but the crying now. Twenty four long days to get here and each and every day I’ve had a new post reviewing this crap. I deserve a medal or something. So now the first ever epic Infinite Hollywood Lego Advent Calendar (and my first Advent Calendar of my whole life!) comes to a close. Join us and leave a comment, won’t you?

Like you didn’t see THAT coming!

Here’s Santa’s sack…

And here’s the man himself. Santa Claus! Kris Kringle! Sinterklaas! Pere Noel! Babbo Natale! Pelznickel!

Topo Gigio?

He comes with a bag and a couple of brick gifts. That hat is old school. This is like, your Grandfather’s Santa… Maybe even Santy Claus!

He also comes with a pretty swank fireplace with chimney. It has a couple of orange ambers for flames. I added some other stuff from my stockpile of useless extras.

Santa enjoys a good brew.

And that’s it! 24 Days of Lego Advent! I hope you had as much fun as I did… Actually I hope you had a lot more fun. This was torture. Okay, it wasn’t THAT bad… It had it’s moments. Like any good Christmas celebration.

Merry Christmas (Eve!) Everyone!

7 Responses to Lego Advent Calendar – Day 24

  • Jack says:

    Yay! Santa has arrived at the police station.

    Well done. Looked forward everyday to see what was happening behind each numbered window.

    After this experience do you see yourself buying and reviewing an Advent calendar next year?

  • Bill says:

    I enjoyed this series a lot. I also appreciate it as a consumer warning: Lego Advents are not worth the money.

    Thanks for a great year of entertaining posts, Newton! Happiest of Holidays!

  • Thanks Jack.

    It's possible I may do one next year. Perhaps another brand or if Lego has a different one. It was a unique experiance.

  • Appreciate it, Bill!

    It was definitely an experiance getting through these each day and trying to find something to say about each!

  • shawn says:

    Great reviews all month! I was really looking forwards to the day's adventure in Lego advent. I had to share the reviews with everyone. Love the mini dioramas and the drunk/dead green coat guy.

  • Really glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to do something different and it's great to hear folks had fun reading them.

  • hackerjay says:

    I really enjoyed this series too, but I must say I was really disappointed with what Lego was able to come up with for an Advent Calendar. It had so much potential, and yet it all seemed very underwhelming. When you first started I thought about going out and getting one for myself because it seemed like it would be a lot of fun, but now I'm glad I didn't drop the $35.

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