It continues. Like the Energizer Rabbit, it just keeps going and going. Today we get something that is totally not a Police station or a car part! It’s the miracle of Christmas!

It’s a snowmobile! Why didn’t we get more stuff like this?!

It comes in a bag! Fun fact, I have a pile of these little bags where I just throw them to the side each day after opening. I’m a pig!

I can already tell there’s a bonus ski. I bet I could make this into one of those snowmobiles with three skis if I wanted to.

Yup an extra ski.

I gave the ski to officer Dick Cramp. I wish I had another ski now. It’s a perfect fit. See, we should have gotten extra skis each day!

I like this advent gift.

I’m not sure why they chose orange for the color, but it’s pretty cool.

Christmas is coming entirely too fast. What will tomorrow bring us?!

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