It’s day two of our Lego Advent Calendar. What amazing surprise is behind door #2? Well it better be good because I had a fair amount of trouble finding door #2! These things are practically hidden. Damn Where’s Waldo Legos… Anyway let’s see what’s inside and perhaps we can solve the mystery of yesterday’s random white Lego piece.

Okay so after finally finding the door and opening it… I have no idea what it is! But the little diagram shows me how to put it together and maybe once it’s together, I’ll understand it a little better.

Quite a few parts here. Is it a see-saw?

There’s some more of those mysterious white Lego blocks from yesterday! Perhaps I will find out what they were!

Once assembled, I seem to have some extra parts. Maybe they’ll be used later. So what are the white blocks?

SNOWBALLS! It should have been so obvious to me, I guess. Then again, nobody else guessed it either, so perhaps I’m not as dumb as I look. So I guess this is a snow ball launcher. Cool… Let’s put it to work!

It works! Not as good as I thought, but it works!

Another day down! We’ll see you tomorrow for more Lego Advent calamity!

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