Things are really starting to get strange in this advent calendar. It’s clearly not a Christmas calendar. This I’m convinced of. I think perhaps this is a Oz advent calendar. Not like the Wizard of Oz, no like Oz, the prison rape show. Seriously, things get, uh, awkward in today’s advent.

It’s another criminal. Seriously, would a snowman be so wrong?!


He comes with two crowbars (not of the Devon Storm variety) and an extra grey toboggan.

Mine has a scuff on his eyebrow. I don’t think that’s intentional, but it gives him more character. Makes him more street. He could easily pass for JC Ice.

I have no clue what to do with the extra hat, so I gave it to my Best Lock cop and made him a badguy. Plus, let’s be honest he looks much more shady than anything Lego has produced. No cop has a Pepsi logo as a badge.

And then this happened. I mean really, what else am I supposed to do with a bunch of crooks and weapons? It’s riot time!

Nothing says Christmas like a little Lego Attica reenactment! Deck the halls!

I would have loved a sled, some snowmen, a chimney with stockings, something, anything… But instead I get murder and mayhem. Thanks Lego!

Silent Night, Deadly Night in LegoLand!

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